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Creativity check & finished projects, summer 2019

I thought it was time I wrote about my recent reative pursuits, since I haven't done a "Creativity check" since February! In the interim, I didn't work on as many projects as I usually do, in part because moving and transitioning took precedence. That said, I haven't been totally idle and I have been knitting, but I haven't gotten around to sharing those projects and I wanted to get caught up!



Quadri hat

This pattern has been on my short "to-knit" list for a long time. So, when I finished a few other projects (see below) and wanted a short, "instant gratification" knit, it was a suitable choice. Plus, I was really looking forward to using this gorgeous yarn. I love the finished object—the fit, the cables, the way the yarn knit up. And this particular shade of gold/bronze goes with most of my wardrobe and jackets, so I think it will be really wearable.


For more details, see my ravelry project page

Yarn: Hey Sister Yarn Co snuggle worsted in "Drizzle" (they've since stopped dyeing yarn)

Size: M/L, since the yarn is a rather lightweight worsted, in my opinion and I didn't want the hat to be too snug

Pattern: Quadri hat by Michelle Wang

Needles: US 7

Specifics/modifications: none, apart from sizing down my needles

Blueberry waffle (aka "Waiting for Baby") socks

During the hectic months that were moving/transitioning/entering my third trimester, I craved a simple, portable project knit with a super special yarn. I also wanted to have something on the needles that I could work on at the hospital, if I wanted to (ha! We were a bit busy, and the socks were left at home, but the idea sounds nice, doesn't it?) They were the perfect project in the days and weeks immediately after I had Cooper, however, and made me feel a little more like myself, like I could (slowly) accomplish something creative. And I intended for them to be the perfect length to wear with short booties, at a height where they just peek out. I'm excited to wear them come cooler fall temperatures! Despite the color being outside of my typical color wheelhouse, I absolutely love how they knit up.


For more details, see my ravelry project page

Yarn: LegacyFibertArtz steel toes base in "First Gift of Christmas" (from their Polar Express themed Christmas update last year)

Size: 64 stitches

Pattern: Blueberry Waffle Socks by Sandy Turner (it's a free pattern!)

Needles: US 0

Specifics/modifications: sizing down my needles, knitting a "shortie" version, modified for fingering/sock-weight yarn, as many have. Basically just using the stitch pattern and knitting the rest as my "usual" sock recipe, which includes the heel and gusset shaping from the Cyril socks pattern. All other mods listed on my Ravelry project page, linked above.

Clockwork shawl

I cast on this shawl on a whim, wanting to use up some lovely single skeins of sock yarn that had been in my stash for awhile. I can't tell you how many two-skein shawl patterns I looked at. I finally settled on this one, since I love the stripes and I only have one other crescent shaped shawl (my Briochealicious shawl) that I wear a lot in the cooler months. I don't have great photos of this shawl (#momlife) but take my word that it is cozy and lightweight and easy to wear. I'm anticipating that I will get a lot of use out of it in the transitional months, which is fitting for the period of life in which I knit it.


For more details, see my Ravelry project page

Yarn: LegacyFibertArtz steel toes base in "Parchment"

Size: one size

Pattern: Clockwork shawl by Stephen West

Needles: US 4

Specifics/modifications: sizing down my needles, per usual, to account for my loose tension.


  • Tecumseh sweater — Right before Cooper was born, I knit a lot on this sweater, finishing the body and working on the first sleeve. Now that I'm not pregnant, I checked the fit and it fits very well! I do need to be in the right mood to work on colorwork, however. So it's set aside until I'm in the right head space. That said, I am very much looking forward to wearing this in the fall, and there isn't that much knitting left on it.
  • Marled grey socks — It's been awhile since I knit a part of socks for Nicholas. And, I've been wanting to knit with a sturdier yarn (Paton's Kroy, in this case). This yarn is little heavier than your typical sock yarn, so I've made some adjustments. But they are a nice, vanilla sock project that's small, mindless, and portable.
  • Vertices unite shawl — My newest cast-on, and a pattern I've been wanting to knit for some time. I was really in the mood to knit with stash yarn and do some colorplay, so a Stephen West pattern fit the bill.

Future knitting projects:

  • Nurtured sweater with berroco cotolana, yarn I got at a super good sale price, as it's being discontinued.
  • Self-patterning DK-weight socks
  • a Mavis baby cardigan for Cooper, probably in a navy
  • A DK-weight hat (maybe Hoarfrost?) with grey DK yarn

Sewing: Finished items

A few weeks before Cooper was born, I sewed a couple matching zippered pouches for my mom and myself out of an adorable floral print fabric. I made the medium size, which is perfect for a sock project bag. For my mom, I sewed the large size, and she uses hers (or intends to) use it for sewing notions, etc.

And this past week, between naps and Cooper happily sitting in the bouncer, I sewed a few simple zippered pillow covers for couch throw pillows (the polka-dotted cases are the me-made ones).

Future (dream) sewing

Sewing feels a bit out of reach to me right now, apart from the simple pillow covers mentioned above. I don't have a dedicated space for my machine and it produces more noise, so it's trickier during nap times and after bedtime. That said, there are some patterns/projects I would like to sew at some point soon:

  • Arenite pants — these have been on my short list for a long time, and I already have the fabric. The designer has since released a "slim hack" which I will definitely do
  • A hunter tank — just looks super cute and like a straightforward pattern
  • A gathered skirt, fitted at the waist — I like the new Estuary skirt a lot, or the Brumby skirt (pattern here)
  • A sleeveless dress with gathered skirt —I've seen numerous pattern hacks for this, most notably the Willow tank, hacked into a dress, seen here and here, but this one is my favorite.

My time for making looks a lot different now, as I expected it too, but it does make me excited and help keep me inspired to jot down my ideas and to log my progress on projects. My making might be slower now, but I have no intention for it to stop. ;)


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