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Creativity check & finished knits, late February 2019



I have been knitting a decent amount lately, mostly in a rush to finish up a few things so I can dive headfirst into baby knitting and a few other projects I'd like to have completed for me before he arrives (more on that below). Just when it felt like I had far too many projects on my needles at once, I finished two projects back-to-back: a pair of socks and a hat.

Ryg hat

This was an interesting knitting experience, that's for sure. The yarn was difficult to read when I knit with it, but after an inch or so, I began to get the hang of it. It is incredibly soft and I like the color, even though I'm not sure what to call it. Purple? Brown? Eggplant? I have a feeling the knitting experience would have been a bit more mindless with a lighter tone of the same yarn. I haven't blocked it yet, but I'm hoping the crown shaping mellows out a bit. However, it does fit the way I intended it to, like a snug beanie with just a touch of slouch, and I'm curious to see how the yarn will behave over time and with blocking.


For even more details, you can see my ravelry project page

Yarn: Woolfolk Flette, in the colorway 20 Eggplant, one skein

Size: one size

Pattern: Ryg by Woolfolk Design Team

Needles: US 3 and US 5. Of note is that I didn't size down my needles, when I always do, leading me to believe that the sample knitter's gauge is perhaps a bit looser than most. If I were a tight knitter, I would have certainly wanted to size up my needles.

Specifics/modifications: none

Garter rib "Hayride" socks

According to my ravelry project page, I began these socks in October of last year, right around the time we (a) found out I was pregnant, and (b) I started to feel lots of nausea with my pregnancy. Certain things from that time—shows we watched (looking at you, Twenty-Four) and things I worked on—continued to make me feel a bit queasy, even after the worst of my nausea was resolved. These socks fell into that category. I set them aside to knit the Christmas socks and then had a hard time picking them up again for the above reasons. However, I was finally able to overcome my feelings about them and worked on them steadily the last couple of weeks in OBGYN waiting rooms and on car rides and while watching episodes of season one of Grey's Anatomy. And now, they are finished! The yarn is stunning and I'm so glad I can enjoy them as a finished pair of socks, after all this time.


For even more details, you can see my ravelry project page

Yarn: Woolberry Fiber Co. Smooth Sock in If I Only Had A Brain

Size: 64 stitches, knit to my foot length

Pattern: improvised garter rib sock pattern, see my ravelry page for specifics, along with heel instructions and gusset shaping from the Cyril Socks, which fit me the best of any pattern thus far

Needles: US 0 dpns, my usual sock needle

Specifics/modifications: I improvised the stitch pattern, as well as fudged a few things to ensure the pattern was intact after the gusset shaping.

In progress

  • Tecumseh sweater—I'm making some slow progress on this. Yesterday, I split for the sleeves, so now it will start to look and feel more like a sweater. I prefer to work colorwork in starts and stops, with longer knitting sessions that are less distracted. It's not TV knitting for me, per say, so I choose my moments accordingly. I would like to finish this before the baby arrives, which seems very doable, even if I won't be able to wear it at that point in time.
  • Yeva shawl—one of my planned cast-ons the last time I wrote about my creative goals. This is basically knitting itself. The yarn is dreamy and incredibly soft (thanks, mom and dad!) and the pattern takes very little effort due to large needle size and bulky yarn. It's a three-skein shawl and I'm nearly done with the first skein.
  • Flaxlight pullover for Baby DeVries—just cast on yesterday in pumpkin-/sweet-potato-colored yarn. This is somewhat the quintessential baby pullover, but I appreciate that I use a single skein of special yarn for it. Instead of the garter panel on the sleeves, I'm knitting moss stitch.

Future knitting projects


I haven't sewn anything since my last update, but I've been preparing. Now that we know baby is a boy, I feel like I have a little more direction when it comes to sewing. So far, I've ordered some fabric to make a 1-2 baby blankets with some adorable sheep fabric and little house fabric. When those fabrics arrive, I'll make a trip to JoAnn's to pick out some coordinating backing fabric. And as is my tendency, once I get the sewing machine out again, I'm guessing I'll "catch" the sewing bug again and want to make more things, perhaps like these little bandanna bibs.

With all of my making, I'm caught in the middle of wanting to make a bunch of things for the baby before he gets here, and I also want to start and complete a few projects for myself that will be more difficult to finish with a baby around. At the end of the day, making in either category brings me joy and helps me feel balanced, and I suppose that's what is most important. :)


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