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Creative goals, 2019 and Finished Christmas Hermoine socks

Every January, I enjoy sorting out my creative thoughts for the upcoming year. I find it helps motivate me to use (beautiful) materials I already own and help curb feelings of wanting accumulate more. You can read last year's creative goals post here. And honestly, it's enjoyable for me to see what things I set out to make at the beginning of the year that I actually did make. And how there were skills I wanted to get more comfortable with, that I actually did get more comfortable with (i.e. sewing clothes for myself that fit well, more colorwork, more knitted garments).


General knitting plans/ambitions:

I'm already in process with a few projects (detailed below) and excited for another year of practicing my first craft love. This year, I'd like to focus on mindful and minimal yarn purchase, using my stash, and making a few garments that will be practical during and after pregnancy. And I'd love to use some leftover partial skeins in my stash for a fun, scrappy shawl or wrap. I'm excited about knitting right now, but not the kind of excited that requires buying. I'm thrilled with and very much looking forward to making things with yarn I love in my stash. Practically, I'm sure there will be socks and colorwork projects, and baby knits and an adult sweater or two.


My Christmas socks! I actually have no idea how I finished the second sock in a day and a half or so, but when I think about it, it's because I spent a lot of time sitting on the couch, knitting. I'm so pleased with these. The pattern was fun, not boring, easily memorizable, and free. And I used the heel and gusset shaping from the Cyril socks pattern, since that produces the best fit for my high arches. The basic info is listed below, but for even more details, you can see my ravelry project page.


  • Yarn: Corda Bella hand dyed yarns by knit2purl2, on the Supra base in the colorway Holly Jolly
  • Pattern: Hermoine's Everyday socks (free!)
  • Needles: US size 0. I sized down, as is my usual for my loose tension. I prefer a firmer fabric for socks.
  • Specifics/modifications: I lengthened the heel flap, per usual to accommodate my high arch, and I knit a short leg for a "shortie" version.

I hinted that I loved this Christmasy yarn, and I got some in my stocking from Nicholas. Since knitting sounds "fun" again, I'm trying to balance working on things that sound fun to make in the moment, but also not to get carried away with casting on too many projects, since that stresses me out.

Currently on the needles:

  • Tecumseh sweater—I'm loving this pattern and (I think) I'll love the all-over colorwork sections. I sized up a little, although, I'm imagining this will get nearly all (if not all) its wear post-baby. Also of note, I'm adjusting the height of the armholes, so that it will be easier to layer with vests, coats, etc. I love the shape of my Ninilchik Swoncho, but it is a bit more difficult to layer when it's cold outside.
  • Ryg hat—in the fluffiest, oddest yarn that I got for Christmas! It's boucle, and texturally so interesting and so soft. Knitting with it does take some getting used to, but I know it will be worth it, since the partial hat is already so soft.
  • Hayride socks—a pair of 50%(ish) finished socks. I set these aside to start the Christmas socks in the Christmas season. I'm enjoying them, and I actually like knitting second socks, so I think they'll be quick to pick up and finish up when I'm in the mood to do so.

Future (already-own-the-yarn projects):

  • Bennet sister shawl or a Kallara shawl in two gorgeous sock yarns from my stash, one I bought for myself a few years ago and one from my sister-in-law for my birthday (Legacy Fiber Artz in "parchment," and Sweet Sparrow Knits in "pajama day")
  • Yeva shawl, a pattern I've long wanted to knit after seeing it as a sample in a LYS, knit in the suggested yarn I got for Christmas from my parents
  • Tatara handwarmers, knit in stash BT
  • some kind of stripey/scrappy shawl with sock-weight yarn leftovers
  • a steeked cardigan in lettlopi yarn my family got for me in Iceland(!) maybe a Sólbein Cardigan?

Future dream knitting

  • Baby knits! I'm still in the planning stages, but I'm thinking a sweater or two, one hat, and some socks?
  • A bobbie sweater, in a cotton/wool yarn, would be good for warmer weather wear, and also it's a nice shape for a growing belly
  • A turtle dove sweater
  • Some kind of cozy longer cardigan I could wear regardless of baby/postpartum body changes, maybe Ronan or a Veronika Cardigan


General sewing plans/ambitions:

In general, I want to continue to practice and improve on a lot of skills I learned last year. Most notably, those are sewing clothes with my regular machine and serger for both me and baby, a few baby items, and utilizing my "stash" of fabric well, to avoid waste and unnecessary purchases. And I want to be diligent about taking good care of my machines and tools. I do anticipate that sewing will be interesting to dive back into, with a changing body, and the hesitancy that so frequently accompanies time spent away from a craft. But I'm excited to perhaps batch-prepare some baby items to tiptoe back in, and then go from there.

Future (already-own-the-materials) projects

  • A Willow Tank dress hack—I have two+ yards of a beautiful, summery striped linen/cotton fabric and I love the idea of intersecting stripes, plus the easy shape of this dress.
  • Arenite pants (maybe, finally?)—the unfinished item of my Summer of Basics. Pattern is printed, fabric is pre-washed. I just need to cut them out and sew them! As I type that, I do realize that sizing might be an issue. I do want to make them at some point, but I should probably wait until fall.
  • A Cleo skirt—perhaps? I have 2 or 3 yards of an ikat-printed linen/cotton blend that would be great for a skirt. And I love that it has an elastic back with a smooth front waistband. Again, this is something that I would love to make, but sizing might be tricky for the foreseeable future.

Future dream sewing

I'm sure more baby things will sneak into the mix, both as I get inspiration and after finding out the baby's gender! I think that's what I'm holding out for. I like to know about people a little bit before making things for them ;) And in February, we'll know!


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