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Relishing 2019

I don't tend to make resolutions, since open-ended goals usually make me antsy. However, this year feels different. I am excited about this next year, knowing it's a continuation on of life, but also that there are some big things that will change in our life.

If I had to choose a word for this year, it would be relish, defined as "great enjoyment," or "enjoy greatly." I want to relish in joy, not ruminate on all the hard things of the last few years. Those things were ordained by God, they were necessary for my growth, for growth in our marriage, for my good, for my trust in the work He was (and always is) doing, and for God's glory.

In light of that, and for some practical focuses for at least the next few months, here are some things I'd love to embrace:

  • Limit things that have a tendency to overrule my time or my thoughts (looking at you, instagram). I spent much less time on social media in my first trimester and didn't miss it one bit.
  • Rest when I can. Because of babe. But also, rest is never not important.
  • More sunshine, whatever that looks like. Walks and porch time, and time away from screens and indoor air.

When I look at the next year, it will hold at least one big milestone, at the minimum:

  • family of two to family of three where we can hold number three

And that alone is incredible! Usually January is a difficult month for me, and surely this year will have difficulties of its own. But this year also feels more hopeful, a year of preparation of heart and home for what it will look like to have a little one around.

Apart from early-year dreaming and usual life stuff, I've been filling my time with

  • napping
  • drinking citrus-infused water (strained, kept in a huge glass jar in the fridge, to pull out whenever I crave it, best served over ice in stemmed glasses)
  • going out for burgers with friends
  • snacking on homemade scones and muffins and sourdough from a generous friend(!)
  • trying on a few maternity items I ordered online (in the evening when baby feels bigger to get a better approximation for fit)
  • sipping on an iced latte, wearing a dress N gave me for Christmas
  • walks in Austin's winter weather sunshine (sometimes!)
  • sock and sweater knitting
  • reading library books
  • planning for a fun weekend with Nicholas, including our usual little date downtown for his haircut, and dinner with friends

And while those are all lovely, splendid, happy things that I want to continue to notice and praise Jesus for, my prayer is to look for ultimate fulfillment and joy in the same One who fulfilled me in seasons of hurt and disappointment. This verse is true in both good and hard seasons:

You have put more joy in my heart than they have when their grain and wine abound. Psalm 4:7

Praying for more joy, and the grace to relish this life He's set before me, in the new year, and beyond.

P.S. —In the next few days, I'll publish a post about my creative goals for 2019, which is a nice way for me to organize and prioritize my making.


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