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Zippered flannel pillow covers & little happenings

I've been:

Snacking on boom chicka pop in Holidrizzle (white chocolate and peppermint kettle corn)

Sewing/installing zippers for the first time! I'm a bit timid with sewing, but this tutorial for zippered pillow covers was really helpful. I got to practice matching plaids! By the third pillow, I had the process streamlined. I'm excited that the flannel fabrics are "cozy looking" without being especially season-specific, so they'll carry nicely into post-Christmas decorating.

Attending a women's retreat at our church talking about God's faithfulness and His grace regardless of what season we're in

Smiling at fresh flowers in the kitchen

Smelling and admiring the cold process soaps I made at Springdale Farm. We have to wait for chemistry to happen and for the pH to further drop before using them (the lye is continuing to interact with the oil for 6 weeks until it's at a neutral pH), but in the meanwhile, I'm going to admire them. They are scented with herbs/essential oils and they smell so good.

Babysitting our friends' sweet little girl and seeing how much she's grown

Thinking about taking a break from social media

(frequently) choosing tea over coffee in the afternoons at home

Browsing winter catalogs (purely window shopping, mind you, since my focus is on contentment this month)

Going downtown together to visit his barbershop on a drizzly day

(cautiously) wearing sweaters on cooler mornings

Testing out my favorite pumpkin pie recipe (in anticipation of Thanksgiving in a few weeks! And it's not fair to only eat it once a year when it's just that good)


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