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Creative progress, March 2018


My first love gets to go first, of course.


My Fleesensee hat. This hat was a process and product knit for me. It was so fun! I learned how to cable without a cable needle, for the first time, which really speeds up the process. And this yarn. It's so sturdy, soft, and I love the color. I was initially worried about the fit of the hat, and that it might be a little too shallow, but after blocking, the fit is perfect. I have another skein in a beautiful rust color, and I like this pattern and FO so much, I might just have to make another one. I'm glad this yarn gets another chance at being a great hat after the first unsuccessful attempt with the tree hat.

For even more details, you can see my ravelry project page

Yarn: Quince and Co Phoebe, in the color venus, that I received as a Christmas gift

Pattern: Fleesensee hat by Verena Cohrs

Needles: US size 5 circulars

Specifics/modifications: I sized down needles, per usual, and used a tubular cast on


  • Ninilchik Swoncho: I love this work-in-progress so much. For the most part, knitting doesn't scare me, you know? I'm game to try new techniques and jump right in, because at the end of the day, it's yarn that can be unraveled. But when I cast on for this project, there was a moment where I paused and thought Wait, can I do this? And then I cast on and just went for it. I'm loving every aspect of this project: the yarn, the scale, the colors, and I can't wait to wear the finished sweater/poncho hybrid.
  • Emily's favorite [scrappy] Socks: I alternate between these and the swoncho, depending on my mood, or how much time I have to sit and knit. I'm just about to the heel flap on sock number two, which is usually where I pick up momentum. (PS: the lovely green yarn is my friend Molly's sweater sleeve :)


  • textured pink shawl with more DK-weight yarn I got for Christmas. I'm still considering Northern Sky, Thurmont, or some other shawl with an interesting stitch pattern
  • a two-color brioche cowl, with some special gold yarn, and maybe leftover yarn from the swoncho? Maybe an ivory?
  • DK-weight hat in rust-colored yarn that I got for my birthday back in September. — maybe Romney, Lake Reed, Honey, or another Fleesensee. We'll see!

Dream knitting:

  • I particularly like the kelpie shawl
  • Another yoked colorwork sweater, DK or worsted weight, in a more traditional shape. These are my sweater "favorites" on ravelry.
  • a DK- or worsted-weight pullover, in a solid color and classic shape, maybe with some texture?


Knitting's sister, who I have to work up with courage to get reacquainted with after a long absence.


I don't personally have any sewing projects I've finished, but I simply had to show you the quilted table runner my mom made for me! I just love it so much. And it was a surprise when they came to visit a few weeks ago. Thank you mom, for such a pretty, practical, and thoughtful gift! It's already brightening our home.


I don't have any in-progress sewing projects, since they tend to be short-term projects that don't last for weeks on end. I should say, I finally printed out the pattern pieces for both an Ebony T-shirt and a Metamorphic Dress: two patterns that I've been excited to sew for months (and two patterns for which I already have materials). My plan to to cut the fabric pieces today and start sewing, prepping a few pieces, since cutting is my least favorite step, and then starting the sewing part when I feel brave. Oh, and I also have the paper pattern and the perfect fabric for a Toaster sweater, which should be a breeze to sew up, and the perfect confidence-building project.

Creative stewardship

One of the podcasters that I watch frequently (when she posts an episode) is Stitched in Sweden. She's implemented a wonderful system in place, designed for her to make good use of materials that she already has, and she calls it Projects before Purchase. The basic premise is to list out materials and proposed projects that you already own. The goals is to prioritize those projects, and get excited about those materials. Because oftentimes, the alternative is to feel overwhelmed by that yarn/fabric I already own and then buy new materials as an avoidance tactic. I do not have a large stash, but my goodness, I don't need to buy more yarn or fabric at this time.

I want to use what materials I have well, within a reasonable amount of time, when I'm still excited about them. Having a sizeable stash makes me feel stuck and storing any type of unused items forever does not bring any kind of freedom. So I want to put those beautiful materials to good use!

What are you working on? I'd love to hear!

P.S. — This is a fascinating article + discussion about different methods of processing wool.


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