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It might be a Sunday at our house if you...

We both had the day off today, and it was a lovely balance of rest and preparation for the rest of week. These are my favorite kinds of days, filled with little things. If you were over at our home on this particular Sunday, you might:

  • wake up and eat PB oatmeal and drink aeropress coffee
  • get ready and go to church
  • give hugs to your friends at church
  • come home, starving (before 11am)
  • have Nicholas take pictures of you wearing your recently finished Fleesensee hat
  • wear said hat inside all day because it's so cozy and you need to wash your hair anyway
  • change into sweatpants
  • eat leftover sausage and egg casserole
  • watch Mission Impossible together and the immediately decide to watch Mission Impossible II today
  • drink golden milk and/or peppermint tea
  • knit on the sweater/poncho project
  • set out some butter to come to room temp, in case you want to bake something later (you have to be prepared, you know)
  • shower in the afternoon (so that you have more free time in the evening)
  • take a nap because you don't feel great and can't decide if you're nauseous or hungry
  • wake up, feeling much better
  • text a childhood friend to schedule a phone date
  • turn on worship music
  • prep and bake PB oatmeal for work the next two days
  • snack on leftover butternut pancakes while you cook
  • prep and roast all the veggies to be found in the fridge and pantry: sweet potatoes, carrots, brussels sprouts
  • prep and bake steak for supper
  • apply stain remover to the quilt you spilled golden milk on today, and put it in the wash
  • google a video on how to fold a fitted sheet, then watch two more, until finally figuring it out after watching one called "Folding a fitted sheet the dummy-proof way"
  • update your bullet journal while switching pans out of the oven
  • text your knitting friends pictures of your partial sweater, modeled, in the terrible lighting
  • begin to assemble lunches for Monday
  • eat supper, with kombucha from the farmer's market
  • put away leftovers from supper
  • brainstorm baby knits for friends who are expecting <3
  • decide to bake my shortbread drizzle cookies, but this time with vanilla instead of almond extract
  • take pictures in the dark, but not really caring, because it's okay!
  • watch an episode of The Office together
  • and then plan to read a little before bed


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