Little victories

I've never considered myself a "spring person." And yet, every year, when the weather warms and the green comes back in waves (truly earlier here than pretty much anywhere else), I find it fills me up and surprises me far more than expected. So here, on the cusp on the official start of spring on Tuesday, are some little victories in life, lately:

Batch-roasting everything. This week: cauliflower, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

Having consistent (veggie) sides with nearly every meal! If you've read my blog for any amount of time, you will know how much I struggle with making side dishes. But if I have a "roasting" afternoon, where I make everything at once, then side dishes are as easy as reheating something and our veggie intake goes way up. Our other main produce intake comes from sauteed collard greens and smoothies.

Noticing the sweetness in the mundane within our marriage. On Saturday, while he got his haircut at the barber, I knit and then we stopped for coffee at Pepperbox Coffee, on the recommendation of Nicholas' stylist last time she cut his hair. We held hands in the car and drank our coffee together. I wrote about it a little bit on instagram, too.

FaceTime dates with a sweet friend from Purdue.

Finishing the colorwork segment of my Swoncho, which means I'm in the homestretch! I still have the "body" and the sleeves, but since the colorwork section extends so far down my torso, both of those sections won't be that long.

Stopping by a friend's house on St. Patrick's Day for baby snuggles and homemade cookies and a few bites of corned beef, just to catch up. Never leaving her home empty-handed; this time I took home a bottle of her homemade blueberry kombucha.

Listening to the newest two releases by The Oh Hellos.

Replacing worry and aimlessness with fresh air and prayer and holy things. A walk outside does wonders for my soul.

Plans to make fika treats for dessert this evening. Specifically, finska pinnar, a Swedish cookie classic, recipe from Fika: The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break.

Noticing the very beginning of wildflower season, in the most unlikely places, where the soil has been the most disturbed.

Feeling the most like myself with a striped shirt, mildly dirty hair, a yarn necklace on, and the windows open.

Admiring the pink tulips on our kitchen table, that I bought on a whim.

My unashamed love for pink.

Finishing my metamorphic dress. I actually did it! A friend offered to take some pictures of it soon, which I'll include in it's own blog post. But I will say, it's even better than I expected it to be, and I'm going to wear it until it falls apart.

Noticing the trees beginning to leaf out, texting my mom pictures of little flowers I notice at the park.

Keeping the patio door open today, to better hear the rain.

Choosing joy and a heart at peace on a Sunday night.

What are your little victories this week?

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