Corran cardigan, finished

Several weeks ago, I finished a new cardigan! This project was the first time I've done an all over lace pattern, as well as the first time I've made a drop shoulder construction cardigan.

There were a lot of moments of hesistation throughout this project, even before I cast on. Since I purchased the yarn online and spent time looking at photos of the colorway in other knitter's projects, I expected a heathered, medium pink, but this really is a true lilac, and that surprised me. I decided to proceed anyway, since I did still like the color.

With bottom-up sweater construction, I frequently find myself second-guessing anytime I need to decide about length, at various "transition" points, such as when to split front and back. So I did that on this project, as well. And since it's all-over lace (albeit, very simple lace!) it wasn't something I could easily work on without looking at it.

For all the above reasons, the process of making this sweater felt a little more cumbersome. But once I got into a rhythm with the lace on big needles, it did grow quickly!

As the weather is only just beginning to cool off enough for sweaters, I forsee playing around with different outfit combinations. But for now, I took some photos wearing my cardigan with both jeans and a dress.


For more details, see my Ravelry project page.

Yarn: Cascade 220 in the color Helleborus Heather, or what I consider to be a pretty spot-on lilac color (it's difficult to photograph)

Size: 2 (37.5 finished bust circumference), as I wanted a relatively close fit with little ease.

Pattern: Corran Cardigan by Rebecca Clow

Needles: US 9 for lace body and sleeves, US 7 for all ribbing

Specifics/modifications: Added length to body and sleeves. My row gauge was a lot smaller (more rows per inch of length) than the pattern recommended, even after swatching with three different needle sizes, so I just took that into account anytime the pattern specified rows rather than measurements for length.

As mentioned above, I have more photos from the process of knitting this, as well as a few more technical details, all included in my Ravelry page.

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