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Life lately, early September 2023

Today, the air felt different. Cooler and more crisp. Filled with anitcipation. The last several weeks since my last "life lately" post, have been filled with a lot of summery fun and they've felt full. I might be getting ahead of myself, since it was in the upper eighties this past weekend, but decidedly, I love the shift that comes with slightly cooler weather. Nevertheless, here are some things we've been up to in recent weeks:

Making salsa – Yet again, we find ourselves with very prolific tomato plants. Although this year, I planned a bit better and two of our three tomato plants are roma tomatoes, very suitable for sauces, specifically for our taste and needs, salsa. I made salsa last summer and after initially thinking we didn't care for it, we quickly realized it was a family favorite. I used this salsa recipe exactly, and used a water bath to can. I made a triple batch so far, and yesterday, I peeled and chopped enough tomatoes for another 3.5 batches and popped them in the freezer until I have the time and head space to make the next large batch. So we will have plenty of salsa (we're pleased about that!) but I do have my work cut out for me.

We have had friends over to play, and lemon poppyseed muffins as a snack. And we've gone on a (very sweaty) hike with friends.

We've seen pink sunsets, and had fires in our fire pit, and watched the annual fireworks show in my FIL's neighborhood.

We watched my father-in-law run a 5K race, and the boys snacked on watermelon and had the best morning.

I went on a hike with my two boys on one of our favorite trails – it's pretty in all the seasons. In a few short weeks, it will look entirely different.

We've gone on a few beach trips and tried a new-to-us beach in Michigan, as well! Lots of digging holes in the sand (Cooper), enjoying the sunshine (all of us), water play (all of us), and sock knitting (me).

Lots of playing in the backyard as a family, little boys helping me in the garden, and family walks.

And we swapped the duvet for a quilt my mom made for us, several years ago. Soft and colorful and cozy, without being too hot. And speaking of cozy, I've been knitting away on a pair of socks, a few gift knits, and a pink v-neck sweater for me (more on that in a post about my making, soon!)

Here's to September and transitions and finding the balance of savoring what's left of a sweet season and looking ahead with anticipation and hope.


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