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Local September fun

We've been up to some fun things over the past few weeks, and I figured it was time for a little catch up!

Cooper ran in a local kids' race at our local festival. He wore his "fast shorts" and his "fast shoes" (truly, that's what we always call them) and was very stoic, but he had so much fun! Every kid gets a little ribbon and a t-shirt, and it's chaotic, but fun.

Nicholas and I went to a formal wedding reception for a friend and coworker, which meant dressing up more than we have in years(!), seeing as our life doesn't call for formalwear, typically. It was a really fun night out in Chicago, thanks to my father-in-law and sister-in-law for babysitting! We had a blast.

We went on walks looking for treasure (red leaves are me and Cooper's specialty). Finn is most interested in all cars and birds and dogs. ;) When we got home, we laid them all out in color order.

We celebrated the soon-to-be arrival of our friends' first baby! So excited for you guys, Angelica and Matthew! It was a beautiful baby shower.

I went on a date at a local bakery with my boys, after picking up our raw milk and cheese. Cooper wanted his favorite butter croissant.

Visiting Great Grandpa's farm. We had coffee and treats and chatted, and also took the cub cadet (me, Finn, and Aunt Brenda) and the four wheeler (Katelyn and Cooper) down to the garden. We picked a big pumpkin, as well as green pepper and butternut squash and golden tomatoes to take home. Such a fun visit!

We worked on puzzles, went on family walks, visited our local library, played with friends, knitted at home and on-the-go, drew with sidewalk chalk, checked on the huge, pink dahlias in the garden (finally blooming!) and went on outdoor coffee dates, followed by hikes with friends.

We went to a party celebrating how God moves in the most difficult of circumstances in a dear friend's life. To Him be the glory!

Our oven stopped working for a few weeks while we sorted out parts (after it started working again, and then stopped for good).  I did some baking in our toaster oven, but also baked at my friend Kathleen's home, as well as my father-in-law's house a few times! So grateful for borrowed ovens and grateful that Nicholas was able to repair our oven, and so it's functional once again.

And last weekend, we visited a local apple orchard! We rode in a horse-drawn wagon and picked Golden Delicious and Honeycrisp apples. It was a warm, breezy, and sunny morning, and we wrapped it up with some donuts. The perfect way to celebrate the first official day of fall.

And today, as I'm writing this, it's actually my birthday! I'll write a post about that soon enough, but it's always a fun way to wrap up the month of September. It was the busiest month we've had in awhile, filled with so many wonderful things. Even so, I'm looking forward to a bit slower pace of life in October and all the ongoing crispness and brightness of fall, yet ahead.


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