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Him, 33 years

Since his birthday was on a Thursday, he worked and I had a regular day with the boys, but I did prepare dough to make his requested birthday treat: sourdough cardamom knots (I made them around Christmas, and we love them).

4 min read

Habitation throw, finished

After many months of sporadically working on this project, it's done! This was a longer term project for me, due to the size, and it suited me well to keep it as a background project to work on when I felt like it. However, with the beginning of January, I found myself wanting to wrap up a few projects, this included, so I worked on it more intensely until it was finally done.

3 min read

Life lately, mid-winter 2023

The last several weeks have been a lot of regular life things, overall. Little happinesses sprinkled into everyday life. The boys are always doing new things, and that feels like a privilege to witness.

5 min read

Creative goals for 2023

At the beginning of each year, I like to make a rough outline of some creative plans. I know that these tentative plans will invariably change, but I like to have a starting point when I look ahead to projects, especially in terms of using yarn or materials already in my stash.

4 min read

2022: A year in review

Welcome to my annual post of our life in the last year – a review of all the big and little events, travels, habits, heartbreaks, and joys. These posts require a lot of time and energy, in part due to sifting through all the posts I wrote in the last year, but also because these posts spur me to reflect and sit with the previous year for a moment, before stepping into the next one.

12 min read

2022: A knitting year in review

It's that time of year where I catalog and review all the projects I've knit in the course of the last year. I find it interesting to note trends in my making, and to look back on how my creativity has served me in that time.

5 min read

December happenings

I blinked and realized it's been two weeks since my last blog post. I spent a good portion of November doing Christmas prep – making lists, ordering Christmas cards, Christmas shopping, and the like. Having learned from previous years, where my December fills to the brim, and I nearly miss Christmas because of the frenzy of it, I tried to do as much ahead of time as possible, so as to preserve a slower pace in December. I don't want my anticipation of what is arguably my favorite holiday to cause my heart to feel hurried, impatient, and stressed out.

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