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A recipe for (late summer) coziness

It happened. Fall-frenzy settled in. I'm craving all the goodness of cooler months and cozy days. But we're just not there yet, here in Austin. My solution to tied me over until it's actually fall? It's a bit multi-stepped, with options to choose your favorites. To be completed in no particular order:

  1. cover the couch with the quilt your mom made (it will make the entire room way more cozy)
  2. put on leggings and a tunic, because legging + layers weather is my favorite weather
  3. drape your newly finished Cabin on the Knik shawl over your shoulders (thank goodness for A/C and the freedom it allows)
  4. pour yourself a bowl of homemade granola, served with milk this time
  5. diffuse clean-smelling oil through the new diffuser (our anniversasry gift to each other)
  6. REAP journal through the Psalms
  7. eat leftover soup for lunch
  8. knit (of course) everywhere: the car, a coffee shop, my couch, a friend's couch, another friend's couch, etc.
  9. teach nearly all of your closest friends how to knit (and ensure that they really get hooked)
  10. make tea or coffee, depending on my mood
  11. make cookies (the ones in the pictures are teff flour and cashew cookies a friend made and they were so good)
  12. plan which knitted items I'm going to bring on our upcoming trip to Canada (internally trying to set limits)
  13. daydream about the cooler weather to come
  14. remind myself that it's important not to race through every season in life, only anticipating the next, and never living in the now
  15. praying to find joy and wonder in late summer and life right now


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