Two-color brioche cowl, finished

I completed this project awhile back(!) and just recently realized that I never shared it here.

The gold yarn was "special," from a few years back. I knew it would be gorgeous on it's own, but I loved the idea of pairing it with a neutral in two-color brioche so I didn't have to worry about pooling.

Also, I love that brioche is inherently reversible, so there's a "tame" side and a "wild" side to this accessory.

I've already worn it a few times, usually with the more mild side on the exterior and it's so cozy! I love short cowls that I can just throw on without having to fiddle with them.


For even more details, you can see my ravelry project page

Yarn: Ivory yarn I ordered for my Ninilchik Swoncho, but ultimately didn't use, and special gold yarn from LegacyFiberArtz in the colorway "Fra-gee-lay" from their A Christmas Story-inspired Christmas update last year. I was waiting for the perfect project and this was it!

Size: I opted to make a shorter cowl, rather than a longer one to be worn wrapped twice. I find this version less "fiddly." See specific mods below.

Pattern: Gina's Brioche Hat and Cowl (free pattern from Purl Soho), modified to be a shorter cowl

Needles: US 6, 16" circulars, although the fabric would have also been nice with a US 5.

Specifics/modifications: Cast on 92 stitches, I knit 4 rows with ivory yarn for a rolled hem, then began two-color brioche. Knit until cowl was the length of my Glacier Park Cowl (about 10.5”), then 4 plain knitting rows of ivory, then BO.


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