A lot of ordinary, a little bit special

This morning, we woke up to my alarm at 6:30, then snoozed a few times, sluggish to get out of bed. It was a foggy, dreamy morning. The kind where I could almost pretend there were snow flurries falling, if I closed my eyes and thought about it. But the fog set a cozy tone for the day.

It was a day of a lot of ordinary things, and a few special ones:

  • eating leftover pancakes and bacon (from breakfast for dinner last night). For about 90% of work nights, we eat breakfast food when I get home. Last night's dinner meant an easy breakfast today.
  • drinking my favorite peppermint rooibus tea
  • meal planning a bit, but not too much, since we're anticipating a trip up north to see my family this weekend!
  • getting dressed in jeans, and a swingy, comfy top, and a necklace my friend Maeve made for me
  • using up the rest of a glossier moisturizer sample, applying concealer, a little eyeliner, mascara, powder, bronzer, and Boy Brow (my all-time fave—and honestly everyone else's favorite too, I think?!)
  • stopping by a sweet friend's home on her due date(!) to have one last coffee and chat pre-baby, which felt very special and also very normal(?!)
  • her sweet dog, Midna, snuggled up with me on the couch
  • drinking coffee out of mugs from Northern MN her mom gave her
  • driving to Costco
  • adding avocado oil, gf crackers, frozen cauliflower pizza (can't say I make the best choices when I'm a hungry shopper, but at least it's healthy-ish convenience food), chicken stock, snacks for Nicholas, and a pair of short, black leather booties (super cute!) to my cart
  • driving to HEB for my more normal grocery trip, and more meat, produce, and supplies to make an appetizer for Nicholas to take to a work potluck on Friday
  • driving to a local elementary school to vote
  • knitting in line, as I wait for my chance to vote
  • heading home, putting away the groceries, tidying up, lighting a few new 100% soy candles, starting the diffuser
  • facing what is sometimes an anxious time of day for me, head-on
  • hopping in the shower
  • folding laundry and listening to Bing Crosby
  • calling Nicholas on his commute home and keeping the phone on speaker so I can chop veggies while we talk
  • making "Thanksgiving in a bowl" a la chicken in the IP(settings, etc. at the bottom of this recipe post), seasoned with sage, allspice, S+P, garlic powder; thrown in a bowl with oven-roasted fingerling potatoes, and oven-roasted onions
  • acting as Nicholas' designated Rubik's cube messer-upper ;) so that he can fix it over and over again
  • doing a little Christmas shopping

And now I suppose I should go clean the kitchen and put a batch of baked PB oatmeal in the oven, since tomorrow is a work day for me. Before bed, I'd like to knit a few more rows, read some in my library book, and look up/review a few Bible verses I have bookmarked for memorization. There's another load of laundry to fold, and all of that will probably take me to bedtime. I suppose I should get to it. ;)

Days like this aren't full of unusual things, but just little bits of sweetness. I want to notice the sweetness in the midst of the ordinary, the foggy mornings, the stolen knitting time, the methodical supper prep, the joy in the everyday.

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