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Twenty-six (a birthday post)

A little over a week ago, I turned twenty-six. I know, I know, birthdays happen every year, and generally I'm not all about all the planning and over-the-top indulgence. I prefer doing the things I love, slowly, with my favorite people. But I wouldn't be my feeling, thinking, whatever self if I didn't write about "the passing of time" or some such ideas. The last two-plus years I've had this blog, I've written a few things on my birthday, so it's only fitting I do the same this year. If you're curious, here's Twenty-four and Twenty-five . Because it does me good to remember and record.

What I want to remember about my 26th birthday and a few days surrounding it:

  • weather cool enough for a walk together the night before
  • sleeping with the windows open all night long, for the first time since maybe March
  • sleeping in and waking up feeling rested
  • leftover frittata for breakfast + fancy "birthday week splurge" coffee that he made for us in the AeroPress
  • Nicholas dusted  and vacuumed and mopped the entire apartment for me, knowing that would be the nicest thing ever for me and make me feel loved
  • I did a bit of laundry (I enjoy a day more if I'm at least a little bit productive)
  • talking to my mom on the phone, FaceTiming my brother
  • Hearing Nicholas humming Frosty the Snowman to himself
  • A dear friend of mine from high school and her husband had their first baby on my birthday! What a gift. You're already so loved, baby Malachi.
  • Dinner at Picnik, with a blurry photo of Nicholas and I that still love.
  • And then a girl's breakfast the next morning....also at Picnik. But really, you gotta try all the things on the menu and the butter coffee is wonderful.
  • I made my annual almond birthday cake, the same one I made the previous two years. I have so much fun baking my own birthday cake each year!
  • Nicholas gave me leather Chacos and I received other incredibly generous and thoughtful gifts from friends and family
  • My father-in-law came to visit for business in Texas and we spent a few days with him! We had a birthday dinner at Hillside Farmacy, had tacos at Torchy's, a fun afternoon at TopGolf, and I made baked doughnuts for us.

What I want to remember about life right now:

  • God puts exactly the people I need in my life, and I cherish those friends so much
  • I'm on a big Scandinavian kick—have you noticed? ;)
  • Honesty and kindness lead to fruitful, refining, life-giving friendships
  • My blonde hair is getting a little darker and I have mixed feelings about it. Eeeek.
  • I'm increasingly aware of wanting to avoid waste in my life—my time, our resources, unnecessary expenses or the purchasing of things we don't need (to have or to store)
  • Flannel pillowcases
  • Favorite snacks: plantain chips, homemade yogurt
  • Favorite treats: almond bars, stovetop hot cocoa made with milk
  • New good habits: consistent (daily) moisturizing for my face and body, eating my lunch outside in the courtyard at work, whenever weather permits
  • The satisfaction of wearing a sweater that I knit for myself, sized perfectly for me (my Lila pullover)
  • Currently knitting: Bayard hat
  • I will always love British film and TV shows (nearly all) the most
  • A run or walk outside is always good for body + soul. Right now, mornings are cool and perfect for runs
  • We've been praying together in the car on the way to church: for our hearts to be prepared for worship & for us to be open and eager to hear the gospel
  • We're in a waiting season, but it's a good and a sweet season. God works in our waiting.
  • Waffles for supper is still a favorite meal, two decades and counting

I'm thankful for another year of God's grace and provision, and looking forward to whatever's next!


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