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This city, this day, this moment

Today is a joyful day. It's not really a special day or an adventurous day or an exciting day (unless you're me) but I woke up excited to live out the day ahead of me. Resting time isn't wasted time. Someday, my days will look really different and someday I might want a glimpse of what resting time—today, here, now—looks like. And it's this:

  • Breakfast of baked PB oatmeal with raspberry jam (for me), turkey bacon, and Aeropress coffee.
  • Starting a load of laundry and settling in with my study of Romans, inching and journaling my way through it, trying to garner as much wisdom and application as possible. Journaling some prayers for Nicholas and I and some things that are on my heart.
  • Adding "balance" oil to my new diffuser necklace
  • A late morning talk with a friend and college roommate that left me feeling encouraged and refreshed. At the tail-end of our conversation, one thing she prayed for was "satisfaction in these cities, these days, and in these moments." I loved that.
  • A lunch of BBQ pizza using leftover BBQ on a pre-made gf crust
  • I cleaned the bathroom and tidied up our home. Mostly de-cluttering and making the bed, etc.
  • One of the handymen for our apartment complex came to do some repairs
  • I talked on the phone with my mother in law :)
  • I prepared fika for us, since Nicholas is still working for the day: herbal tea for him and english breakfast for me, in mismatched mugs. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, made with a dash of cinnamon, for both of us.
  • I folded some laundry in starts and stops while the tea brewed
  • Scrolled through quick pictures I took of my completed Arctic Cardgian (blog post to come soon with better pictures!)

This afternoon, I'm writing this blog post, knitting a few stitches on my May cardigan (laceweight yarn be darned, that cartridge rib is still growing!) and sipping on my tea, a mellow Spotify playlist in the background.

Looking forward to the rest of the afternoon, I want to delve into a short, restful yoga practice, since my muscles are always a bit sore after working a few shifts in a row.

And I would love to cut out some more squares for the quilt. When I worked on a quilt with my mom, I loved the process (thank you, mom, for continuing to inspire me with your quilting!) but I never enjoyed the cutting process. This time around, I'm loving the slow, methodical pace and the low pressure of cutting out a million pieces of the exact same size and shape.

Nicholas and I are planning on some time together before dinner on the couch: him playing the new Zelda game for the Nintendo switch (we finally found one for him!) and me watching him play and likely knitting a bit.

For supper, I'll make up a soup, cornbread, and roasted brussels sprouts on the side.

And this evening? Well, we'll see. But I'd like to catch on on some blog reading and podcast-listening/watching.

Is this a thrilling day? No. But it's joyful. I'll take joy over thrill any day. And today, as my wise friend prayed for, I'm finding satisfaction in this city, this day, this moment.


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