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The Traveler cowl, finished

It's been awhile since I finished a larger project. Normally, I wouldn't consider a cowl to be a "larger" project, but I suppose that all comes down to gauge and dimensions. This one was quite a lot of knitting.

I've had this yarn in stash for awhile, in a somewhat odd quantity and so I finally settled on this yarn and pattern pairing. It's actually the same yarn I knit my Nurtured sweater out of, and it's discontinued, so I knew I wanted to make the most of the amount I had.

The texture is very visually appealing, and I enjoyed watching it grow, on the bias. Initially, I needed to reference the pattern for every row, but once I became familiar with the edge shaping/details and the rhythm of the knit, I found it easily memorizable. Ultimately, I used a little over three skeins to knit this. My yarn was classified as aran, but I met pattern gauge and knit it at DK-weight gauge for a more structured fabric, as was my preference.

The seaming with straightforward, thanks to a helpful video from the designer, included with the pattern PDF.

It was an enjoyable, textured knit, and I love the finished product! So far, I've been wearing it with the top folded in, to make a double-layer at the neck (and for extra coziness). My sister-in-law took a few photos of me wearing it on our sunny Easter Sunday afternoon.


For more details, see my ravelry project page.

Yarn: Berrocco Cotolana in Maple (now discontinued, I believe). It's 47% cotton, 47% wool, 6% other fibers (nylon) and a chainette style yarn. I used 3 full skeins, and broke into a fourth skein for the last few inches and i-cord bind off.

Size: Adult small

Pattern: The Traveler Cowl by Andrea Mowry

Needles: US 6 24" circulars

Specifics/modifications: I knit this at a denser gauge, on purpose. The pattern calls for DK-weight yarn, although it is a very gauge-flexible pattern (which is awesome), but I used aran weight yarn for a more structured fabric.

I'm so pleased with this cowl, and it's already proved to be easy to wear and style. The pattern boasted an interesting construction, and I found it to be an engaging knit. I would highly recommend, especially if you enjoy large, cozy cowls!


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