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Nurtured sweater, finished

A few weeks ago, I finally bound off my Nurtured sweater. I cast this on back in August 2020, and due to so many life events, set it aside for several months, after only knitting most of the first sleeve. Once I picked it back up, I worked on it steadily, and now it's done, just in time to be a comfortable and cozy transitional pullover for early spring.

My sister-in-law, Katelyn, took a few photos of me wearing it before we went out for dinner for her birthday. Thank you, Katelyn!


For more details, see my ravelry project page

Yarn: Berrocco Cotolana in birch (now discontinued, I believe). It's 47% cotton, 47% wool, 6% other fibers (nylon) and a chainette style yarn. I used 9 full skeins, and broke into a tenth skein for the ribbing at the collar

Size: 40" (size 2) for desire positive ease in body, size three for sleeve stitch counts

Pattern: Nurtured by Andrea Mowry

Needles: US 6 (ribbing) and US 7 (everything else), sized down needles, per my usual for my looser than average gauge

Specifics/modifications: Right from the beginning, I cast on the incorrect number of stitches for the sleeves for my desired size. However, I have noticed that my gauge is quite a bit tighter when I knit small circumference in the round, specifically with heavier yarn (like this worsted). So my higher stitch count actually gave me a sleeve fit that was perfect for me. I knit the body of the sweater in my desired size, and then for the raglan shaping in the yoke of the sweater, I just "blended" the stitch count unscientifically, and it worked out.

A note about the yarn: I love the feel of the yarn, the structure, the color. However, there were a lot of knots. Sometimes 2-3 per 50g skein, and that is annoying enough for me to not want to use this yarn again on a large project. That said, I believe it's discontinued, so that's unlikely anyway.

I'm thrilled with the fit, the length, the way it just reaches the top of high waisted jeans. I like it untucked, or just barely tucked into pants. I think I will wear it a lot, and this sweater was "in-progress" throughout so many life events (since August of 2020), so I do feel a sense of closure now that it is finished. I've carried it with me all these months, knitted stitch by stitch, and now I can cozy up in it, comforted, with a sense of remembrance.


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