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The Everybody cardigan, finished

After much ado – which is (admittedly) typical for me with garment knitting – my cardigan is done!

I knew this would be a significant project for me when I cast it on, but these days, I am most interested in knitting items that have longevity, both in terms of style and durability, and this pattern fit both of those pieces. It is knit entirely flat (most cardigan bodies are, of course, but the sleeves were also knit flat and seamed). And with a cardigan, there is significantly more finishing work required towards the end of the project.

I picked up the buttonband smoothly, but then, since the pattern didn't specify a short row method, I just turned my work, which left my short rows gappy and messy, and I was in denial about this until nearly ready for the bind off. In the end, I ripped back nearly the entire collar and reknit the shaping with wrap and turns for a much more polished result.

All the ends and mattress stitch took me a decent amount of time as well, but the finish and the structure from the sleeve seams is so worth it, to me.


For more details, see my ravelry project page.

Yarn: KnitPicks Simply Wool Worsted Twist in (I think) Winkle Wanda marl. I used just over eight skeins of the ten I had in stash, originally planned for Nicholas' Towns sweater (ultimately, I chose a different yarn for him), and this has been sitting, unclaimed, ever since.

Size: 3, for a finished garment bust size of 40" (and around 6-8" positive ease on me). I wanted more positive ease on this cardigan, so I could wrap up in it, and that is exactly what it is!

Pattern: The Everybody Cardigan by Karen Templer from the book Seasonless – Patterns for Life

Needles: US 7 for the stockinette fabric, and US 5 for ribbing and the garter buttonband

Specifics/modifications: This is a highly(!) customizable pattern, in that you can knit with plain or with stripes, with mosaic knitting, or with beautiful texture. Due to my yarn being a marl, I chose the folded collar plain stockinette option, and originally planned to add two pockets, but left them off at the end, on a whim. I may add them later. I also added length to the body and sleeves, since I wanted this cardigan to be especially cozy, and I like the cuffed sleeve look, paired with the folded collar. The buttons are 3/4" plastic buttons from JoAnn's.

I haven't knit a garment from a pattern book, since I knit my Arctic Cardigan from the Making Zine, back in 2017. Whenever I knit a garment, I prefer to print out the pattern, anyway. I find that I like to pencil in notes on these patterns, or circle my size, especially when there is a lot happening in a pattern, like in the instance of neck and shoulder shaping, simultaneously. This book is beautiful and well-written, and so many of the projects (and their variations) appeal to me. I will not be surprised if I knit more garments from it.

And that's a wrap! It's my perfect neutral, cozy, structured but not-too-structured, throw-on-with-anything, handknit cardigan.


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