Canada, part I: Senses

As I mentioned in my previous post, we just returned from the most wonderful trip to various parks throughout Alberta and British Columbia. This is the first of three posts where I'll talk about our trip. Read Canada, part II: Places and things here.

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A retreat

Last weekend, I spent some time away at a women's retreat with a bunch of wonderful women from our church. We went with expectant hearts, anticipatory for what God does when we take time to abide in His promises. Not surprisingly, Abide was the theme of the weekend. These were a few things I wrote down during speaker sessions:

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A weekend away & a reminder to myself

We're home from another weekend camping trip—this one just a bit longer and in the company of our good friends. This park was significantly smaller than Inks Lake, but it was still enjoyable to be outside and do some hiking. We played euchre (for the record, girls and guys are tied...I think), listened to the coyotes, ate meals cooked over the fire, dodged hundreds of wolf spiders (eek!), explored a mini cave and some CCC structures (which involved climbing on everything), and got a lot of use out of our headlamps. A wonderful, low-key weekend for the books.

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Camping at Inks Lake

We enjoyed a brief but lovely camping trip at Inks Lake State Park this past weekend. We thought of it as a belated anniversary getaway, of sorts. Despite our mutual love for camping and countless camping trips over the years, this was our first camping trip together since we've been married.

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