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A weekend away & a reminder to myself

We're home from another weekend camping trip—this one just a bit longer and in the company of our good friends. This park was significantly smaller than Inks Lake, but it was still enjoyable to be outside and do some hiking. We played euchre (for the record, girls and guys are tied...I think), listened to the coyotes, ate meals cooked over the fire, dodged hundreds of wolf spiders (eek!), explored a mini cave and some CCC structures (which involved climbing on everything), and got a lot of use out of our headlamps. A wonderful, low-key weekend for the books.

These two have been like family to us since we moved to Texas. We finally went camping all together! (P.S.—you can tell this is a self-timer shot by the awkward way I'm holding my right arm ;)

Speaking of meals made over the fire, Nicholas surprised me a bit with almost single-handedly cooking both the bacon and pancakes on the fire. I should have set my expectations higher long ago—I love that man even more now that I know he can make breakfast. :)

We're home now, we've both showered, I'm working on the third(!) load of laundry, and we're looking forward to sleeping in our own bed tonight. Tonight's downtime will likely involve journaling, reading Real Simple, and doing a little knitting to round out the weekend. Isn't it funny how often we need some time to relax after a relaxing weekend away? But I'm so thankful for fun weekends like this and a fresh start to my second week of work.

Speaking of work, once I'm done with my initial computer classes, etc., I'll be on a unit that really focuses on teaching me and they will walk with me as I re-learn hospital nursing. When I'm tempted to be afraid of all the unknown/a new lifestyle working nights/refreshing knowledge I learned in school, my study of the book of Mark* keeps me thinking on this:

The antidote to fear is faith, i.e. trust in Jesus .

If I truly apply that information, I'm well-equipped for whatever circumstances I face on (or off) the job.

*Have you read Mark carefully? That awesome book of the Bible is one challenge (to have faith and trust in Jesus) after another. So good for me (and maybe you!?). Delving into Mark (or any book of the Bible) is totally worth your time.


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