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Sweeter than an afternoon treat

Initially, I inadvertently used the term "fika" a bit flippantly, thinking that it was something we already did. I mean, we do drink a lot of coffee. But it's more than that. Since we began talking about fika more, we practice it more, and as a result, what would otherwise be ordinary afternoons frequently become ordinary afternoons with some quality time with Nicholas.

It's generally not a complicated ordeal. Yesterday's fika was simple, with cinnamon toast, coffee, sweater knitting, and a pre-dinner nap with him on the couch. Today's fika involved brownies, coffee and shawl knitting, and time together, curled up under the quilt.

It's always a variation on a theme. A bit of intentional coziness + a warm drink + time together + a snack. We don't practice it daily, but since he works from home most days, we try to have fika together every day that I'm off.

Honestly, I'm not sure why this little ritual has stuck so consistently for us when others haven't. Perhaps there's something a bit magical about those few hours prior to supper. A pause in the afternoon feels most naturally timed as he wraps up work for the day, but it's not yet time for me to finish preparing supper. When Nicholas asks if we can have fika, I know that he wants a moment of intentionality with me, which is so sweet. And truth be told, we both usually want a bit of an afternoon treat with coffee. An added bonus: I've really enjoyed learning how to bake some more traditional Scandinavian treats.

Fika has become not just an excuse for an extra coffee break, but a bit of regular tending to our friendship and our marriage. It's something to look forward to, as it nurtures quality time in our marriage. It's a way for us to rally together and reconnect, partway through the day. And that's far sweeter than the brownies we ate today.

P.S.—some current highlights from my "midweek weekend" that's just wrapping up:

  • A bit of thrifting: I found a super cute boxy tank and resisted the temptation to buy yet another mug (our mug shelf is overflowing)
  • Soaking up all the cozy things on chillier days in Austin
  • Trying out a few new essential oils that just came in the mail today (lemon, orange, and rosemary)
  • Going through my clothing again and sectioning off items I haven't worn in a long time
  • Nicholas made us scrambled eggs for supper a few days ago after I had a rough day at work
  • Knitting on my Arctic cardigan or Kveta shawl, depending on my mood and attention span
  • Browsing local artisans work downtown and then tea and knitting with a few friends at Radio Coffee
  • Not going on Facebook, maybe indefinitely, because blech. I still read the news, I just prefer not to read it via my newsfeed
  • Planning to post a bit on instagram for the @yarnlovechallenge, just because it sounds too fun to pass up!
  • Watching knitting podcasts (am I the only one to not realize that sometimes podcasts have audio and video?)
  • Trying on previously knitted shawls like my Briochealicious shawl. I've been wearing it continuously for the last 36 hours or so. Needless to say, it's about to get way more love from me.
  • Bookmarking this blanket, which cleverly utilizes steeking (it's sounding less scary and more fun)
  • Matching my cardigan to our shower curtain
  • Rifle Paper Company. All of everything.
  • Flannel sheets, even if they are a bit wrinkly. I can't stop talking about them. For the record, I ordered our's from L.L.Bean, but I've seen them marked down at several stores recently, because I suppose they're "seasonal." If it were cool enough to use them year-round, you can bet I would.
  • Drinking far more water everyday after switching back to my old-school camelbak water bottle. Straws make drinking water more enjoyable for me, and actually I prefer drinking slightly-cooler-than-room-temp water over ice cold water
  • Listening to Tom Rosenthal in the background while doing housework


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