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Better resting

I love being a nurse and generally, I'm exhausted after a shift. The two are not mutually exclusive. But I have this tendency, which comes in waves, to approach days off and generally, rest as an entitlement, and that breeds some less-than-balanced behaviors. Here are some real-Andrea-life examples and how I'm currently countering them, for a bit more healthy balance:

the temptation: sit on the couch all day, leaving me sore and stiff and not getting any exercise

the intentional response: pick some physical activity routine that's sustainable. I know myself, and I need a plan for that. So my plan of action is to complete thirty (consecutive) days of yoga (see Yoga with Adriene)* I'm so sore, even thought it's only day 3 today. I'll let you know how I feel on Day 30 ;)

the temptation: order take out pizza

the intentional response: crack open my (new) favorite cookbooks, namely Small Victories and Scandinavian Gatherings and make some healthier food for us with the groceries in the fridge and pantry

the temptation: not leave the house because I need some ambivert downtime

the intentional response: have "downtime" at a restful coffee shop with my knitting. Bonus: this allows extra time for conversation with Nicholas in the car to and from his work meetings

the temptation: watch all the knitting podcasts (there is a surprising number on YouTube!)

the intentional response: choose a few favorites to keep up with, and stick to those for now. My current favorites:

  • LegacyKnitz—mother and daughter chatting about current knitting projects and their indie yarn dying business
  • A Homepsun House—indie dyer, living in Germany, mother to two small girls, lots of coffee drinking and sock knitting

the temptation: rush through my Bible reading

the intentional response: take my time, let it soak, and let is shape my day

the temptation: scroll through social media on my phone while I wait in the car for Nicholas to finish up a meeting

the intentional response: knit a few rows and listen to some Ben Howard

the temptation: be frustrated that it's eighty-something degrees when I'm more comfortable in cooler weather

the intentional response: Pull out the tank tops and leather sandals I haven't worn for bit, and smile and enjoy the sunshine

*Thanks, Jessica, for telling me about this!

**This is similar to a post I wrote a little less than a year ago, about practicing rest and balance.


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