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Scrappy socks, finished

Well, they're finally finished. This is the longest I've spent knitting a single pair of socks. Granted, they had a long hiatus while I monogamously knit on my Swoncho (post on that to come soon, I promise).

Despite the delayed timeline, once I picked them up again, I was able to finish them quickly. As I've said before, there is something rather satisfying about making a project entirely out of scraps. What is not quite is satisfying is weaving in 42 ends, but that's alright. Like anything else, you just do the next right thing, weave in the next end, and soon enough, all the ends are woven in.

They fit well, although they might fit even a little bit better once they stretch out slightly. But I'm happy to have cute scrappy socks. And now I'll stop rhyming. ;)


For even more details, you can see my ravelry project page

Yarn: various scraps of sock yarn, leftover from several projects

Pattern: Emily's Favorite Socks

Needles: US size 0. I sized down from the pattern recommendations for needles, as is my usual for my loose tension.

Specifics/modifications: a rounded toe, per usual. I use the instructions from the Late Night Socks pattern.


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