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Long weekend love

I've had the last three days (and today) off from work. I didn't have any specific plans, but each day became a "fun" day, rather organically. It's been delightful to have a bit of a staycation.

On Saturday morning, I met my friend Molly for our little ritual of Saturday morning coffee. We chose a new-to-Austin coffee shop and both ordered chocolate croissants and caught up on all the heart things that needed to be voiced and prayed for and rejoiced.

Later that morning, our friends dropped off their little guy so we could watch him while they had a date. We had our fill of happy baby snuggles and it melted my heart to see how Nicholas was eager to "just quick check on him" when he was sleeping because he thought he looked so adorable when he was sleeping. Thanks for the taste of parenthood, Jessica and Shawn! :)

On Sunday, we went to church, had lunch, and watched a few episodes of Longmire on the couch together. It was a beautiful day and we wanted some vitamin D, so we walked to a nice park about a mile from our home. As we walked, we paused while I took pictures of wildflowers and green grass and blue skies. Nicholas explained to me how cars actually work (I didn't know anything!), and we talked about how our high schools scheduled lunches and organized classes. We talked about what kind of home we'd like to buy, when the time is right, and lots of other little fun things. I think as a busy adult, I sometimes feel pressure to only talk about heavy, important things all the time. When in reality, talking about our high schools and gym class and whatever else came up let us just laugh and feel silly and like our best selves. And it reminds me of what I really knew all along: being married to Nicholas is fun.

Yesterday, I met my friend Jessica for coffee at a new coffee shop we are incredibly excited, since it's less than a 10 minutes drive from home! Coffee turned into a little bit of cooperative thrifting and baby juggling, and then we picked up tacos for lunch and did a little closet organization. It was a fun day of celebrating our little corner of the Austin metro, and having lots of time to talk without feeling rushed.

As we ate our tacos and drank her homemade kombucha, my friend Jessica asked me On a scale of 1 to 10, how content are you feeling with you life right now? And my honest answer is probably an eight; certainly it is higher than it was a few months back, like when I wrote this post about fear. In spite of my humanity and static circumstances, if I'm seeing an increase in contentment, I can only attribute that to the faithfulness and goodness of Jesus, living and active in my life. As I frequently breath-pray, (inhale) More of You, (exhale) Less of me.

The steps of a man are established by the Lord,when he delights in his way;though he fall, he shall not be cast headlong,for the Lord upholds his hand.

Psalm 37: 23-24

The truth is, our circumstances are no different than they were when I wrote that in February, and yet, I can honestly say, even though my heart yearns for some things, right now, I am joyful with my portion. And that is so freeing! I'm in a season where I'm excited about reading obscure old testament texts, and knitting and sewing up a storm, and enjoying my marriage, and feeling thankful for His gifts that I am currently enjoying, not just ruminating on the ones I'm praying for. And my whole life is a balancing act of sorts, of attempting to be present, and also future-minded, and also thankful for His provision in the past.

Today is Tuesday, so we're doing our Tuesday thing. I'm writing this from Revival Coffee, and my heart is full and content, and feeling rather grateful that this cardamom latte and some writing and fresh sheets on the bed is my portion for today.

Other little happy long-weekending things:

  • I recently ordered a few things from PACT when they were having a big sale, mostly just basics for both of us. Nicholas loves every single piece, but jokingly refers to it as "grass-fed" cotton ;)
  • watching Longmire and Larkrise to Candleford (two shows that couldn't be more different, but both we really enjoy)
  • I finally finished socks my scrappy Emily's favorite socks! And all the ends are woven in, so they're truly done.
  • updating my bullet journal with my schedule for the next several days and preliminary packing lists for our upcoming trip
  • project planning for travel knitting
  • listening to as fascinating podcast about sleep and deciding to prioritize it a bit more in our home. The podcast interview with Dr Matt Walker also mentioned the benefits of a cold room and warm feet and hands when you go to sleep. All of which we consider extra motivation for a few more foot baths before bed.
  • a mini impromptu clothing swap with a friend
  • Thinking a lot about the importance of "kindly opening your day." This podcast episode is so good: The Lazy Genius Morning Routine

Anyway, even though this post is all over the place, I hope it accurately represents a grateful and joyful heart, because even in this season of waiting and anticipation, I know that the boundary lines are drawn in pleasant places. (Psalm 16:6).


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