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Porch season, again

I'm hopelessly endeared to the autumns and winters of the year, the cooler months. And now that it is officially September (my birthday month!) we're one step closer to that. It won't be "sweater season" here for a long while yet, but unlike our northern friends and family, we're re-entering "porch season," at least according to the DeVries family. The mornings are now usually in the seventies, and with a rainy day here or there, the air has a different feel.

Twice this week, we've ventured out onto the porch with coffee in hand, to enjoy some fresh air and that "extra room" that we so rarely use in the summer months.

On Saturday, I was co-hosting a baby shower for a friend, which didn't start until late/mid morning. The night before, Nicholas said, Let's wake up really early and have coffee on the porch together. And so we did! There's something a bit magical about drinking morning coffee out on the porch, since it sets a different tone for the day. It's a less-rushed, more-savor-the-day tone.

The baby shower was so fun! I made orange poppyseed muffins, fruit salad, and two different kinds of egg breakfast casseroles (one of which was my simple sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast casserole). My friends Jessica and Katie did all the invitations and decor, which turned out beautiful. It was such a lovely morning celebrating my friend Molly and her soon-to-arrive baby girl!

Nicholas and I were both off on Labor day, but I woke up really sick, with GI/flu/fever/chills and all the symptoms you don't wish on anyone. I slept most of the day, but in the afternoon, thinking that some fresh air would do me good, we stepped out on the porch, him with his coffee, me with my water, to sit out there, talk, and watch the rain. And I knit a few rows on his Christmas gift cowl, which is almost finished!

When we dream about being homeowners, a porch or deck is always on the wishlist. It's that wonderful outdoor room that's functional and a little bit magical.

And as the days do finally begin to cool off in Austin, you can expect us to spend more time out there, drinking coffee, talking, watching the rain, dreaming of a porch of our own someday.

P.S.—I felt so much better today, so I ventured out with Nicholas to his new office space, which is coincidentally one block from one of my favorite coffee shops. While he is in his meeting, I'm sipping on a chai and working on this post. Also, I wore pants comfortably(!) and I saw some fall-ish leaves. I think it's going to be a good day. Porch season, fall, autumn, chai-season, whatever-you-want-to-call-it, you're good for my heart.

P.P.S—Does anyone else take advantage of Labor Day sales to jumpstart their Christmas shopping?? I'm feeling pretty organized right now!


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