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My summer beauty routine

Summer officially starts today, or tonight, if we're being technical. But realistically, it's felt summery-ish for a few months now. I'm calling this a post about "my summer beauty routine," in Austin, it's my hottest-six-months-of-the-year-routine.

I'm hardly an authority on beauty and makeup, but I thought it would be kind of fun to share my very low-maintenance beauty routine for most days. I try to be conscious about my makeup and body care items to minimize my exposure to chemicals and toxins, since everything we apply to our skin is absorbed. Not everything in this post fits perfectly within those standards (i.e. the mascara that I'm currently using), but most of the products do. For the record, this post is not sponsored, nor is it an ad. I'm sharing what I use because these are products I've been genuinely pleased with, plus, I enjoy writing about routines.

On lazy or hurried days, I wear: moisturizer with SPF + concealer + powder + mascara + eye brow gel

On other days, I wear: moisturizer with SPF + concealer + cream foundation + pressed powder + mascara + eyeliner + (maybe) eyeshadow + eye brow gel

Broken down, here are my favorite products, most of which I've been using for some time and can honestly say they're "favorites":

for eyes

  • basic black pencil eyeliner, thinly applied
  • black mascara
  • occasionally, sheer eyeshadow, or on rare occasions darker eyeshadow for a more dramatic look. For brands, I like Pacifica or W3ll People.
  • Glossier boy brow: I totally understand the loyal following. I use it in the blond shade, and it helps keep my right eyebrow's cowlick more in check.

for body

  • Schmidt's Natural deodorant. After trying several "natural," (read: free of heavy metals like aluminum, and other yucko stuff) deodorants, I've decided I like this one the best. My favorite scents are bergamot + lime and lavender + sage. Also, if you're new to natural deodorant, I recommend that you do a little research about detoxing your armpits (weird, but true and important)
  • Harraw lip balm: by far my favorite chapstick, and I'm a bit of a chapstick afficianado. I love the sun balm (with SPF 15) for time outside, and the coconut or grapefruit for anytime use. I buy mine locally, but their website has a huge selection of flavors.

for face

  • Key's tinted moisturizer with SPF 30: I wear this every time I leave the house. It has subtle sparkles in it and if I'm in a hurry or not wanting a lot on my face, I'll wear this with just a light powder over it.
  • Zuzu Luxe pressed powder: I love this; its buildable and they offer refills for the compact. Target and Whole Foods also sell it.
  • W3ll People Narcissist foundation stick: for days when I want more coverage, I'll wear this over sunscreen, under powder. I apply it with a brush.
  • Glossier Stretch concealer: On days I use this, I apply it under my eyes or anywhere I need a little extra coverage (blemishes, etc.) and sometimes on my eyelids as a primer. I love how easily it blends into my skin.

And that's it! As I see all the products written out, it looks like a lot, but I promise I can do my makeup in less than five minutes ;) Oh, and I almost forgot to mention it, but my favorite way to remove my makeup is with Norwex makeup removal cloths. They're the best and they work with just water.

Is your summer beauty routine a bit more pared down? What are your favorite products? :)


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