Early summer sweetness

I've written a few weighty blog posts recently, if you can tell where my head and heart are. But life is a mixture of weightiness and levity, isn't it? And both of these can bring joy. Here is a list of some of the more mild, lighter things I'm loving about life right now:

Butter coffee on a Tuesday. I love the rhythm of Tuesdays.

A day with Clara! A few weeks ago, I drove down to her new home of San Antonio for the day. We went for a walk, had lunch, I met her cutest dog, Oscar, and we and caught up like we'd never been apart. Clara, I'm so glad you're only 1.5 hours away! This is the closest we've lived since we used to walk the two blocks between our houses as kids.

Quilting. I notice that I quilt in starts and stops and I kind of love that rhythm. I'm about 50% done with piecing the quilt top together, so now things are flying. After the top is done, the next step is deciding on a backing and a binding and then making my quilt "sandwich." I'm in the home stretch!

Orange poppyseed muffins, a family recipe made with gf flour, are a favorite treat that I just recently revisited.

Diffusing "Christmas Spirit" around the clock

Wearing my handknit socks. It occurred to me that I've been "saving" them in a way. Apart from wearing them to photograph them, I hadn't actually worn them. And what's the point of that? I want the things I make to be both beautiful and useful and the only way to ensure the latter is to actually wear them. Oh, and they're super cozy, so now that I've started wearing them, I never want to take them off.

Punch Brothers in concert (for the second time!) with my friend Molly. They're so great.

Cleaning out my inbox + finding/rereading encouraging emails my mom sent me back in February

Project planning, big-time. Expect a post soon about what my plans for sewing/knitting/making are in the next few months.

Mindless, yet addicting brioche stitch + watching knitting podcasts on the couch with the quilt, wearing the socks, drinking coffee. All things cozy.

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