Little joys

You know my feelings about Tuesdays—or if you don't, I won't go into details yet again, but I usually don't work on Tuesdays, and they're usually fun, joyful days for me.

These things made my heart glad today:

another cardamom latte. I wish you could taste this drink.

nearing the finish of what feels like a long project (his socks!)

finding an earring I thought I'd lost

cleaning the apartment with the vacuum, and then cleaning the vacuum.

cool, breezy, pre-dinner walks, holding hands with him


meeting our friends sweet new baby boy on his first day! (yesterday)

hand-winding yarn and getting to know a colorway

sleeping with the windows open at night (best sleep)

lavender lotions at bedtime

thinking a lot (and working on a post) about working hard at the things that matter, letting go of those that don't

reading somewhere that Christmas is only 62(!) days away?!

(audio) podcast recommendations from friends

a comfy, grey tank I found at anthro for $15, perfect for all the layering

driving in the car with Nicholas, listening to Perry Como, the Andrews Sisters, Bing Crosby, etc. on my daily mix on spotify


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