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Life lately + Introducing Finn to family

It's been several weeks since Finn's arrival. I wrote about his birth story here, in case you missed it.  I simultaneously feel like there is so much I want to share about life the last several weeks and so few moments to sit down and write. I'll do my best to share some goings-on from recent weeks below.

First off, my family came to visit us and meet baby Finn. I mentioned it previously, but it was a sweet visit. My mom folded laundry, emptied the dishwasher, made soup for us, and was a huge help with all the little tasks that weigh heavy on me when they are incomplete. And I so enjoyed some catch-up time with my Grandma Donna, my dad, and my brother, Matt. Coop played legos with his uncle, and baby snuggles were had all around.

I also never mentioned my in-laws meeting Finn. Here are some photos from that introduction, as well. So many people eager to meet this sweet new addition to our family.

Nicholas had six weeks off of work for parental leave (so generous, we know!) We spent the time adjusting as a family of four, but we also tackled some house projects, including installing new closet systems in our bedroom and Cooper's bedroom, new garage shelves, and organizing in the basement. Some other happenings while Nicholas was on leave, and in the time since he's been back to work:

  • I snuck away a few times with just Cooper for smoothie dates.
  • Looked for patio furniture, unsuccessfully
  • We went on many family walks, on warm and cool days.
  • Nicholas fixed my KitchenAid stand mixer (it needed a replacement gear)
  • We deep cleaned both our vehicles
  • We changed the orientation of our kitchen table (so much better for the space, I think)
  • Picked out plants for the front porch
  • I bought grocery store tulips
  • Brought our "picnic quilt," a great thrifted find my mom found, to several parks
  • We started potty training Cooper
  • Living in these waffle henleys, the first of which was a gift from my friend, Rachael. I've since purchased two more, since they truly are the perfect pregnancy/postpartum garment, but also perfect and flattering for anyone.
  • So much laundry

We celebrated mother's day, and I made this grain-free vanilla cake, opting for a simple glaze drizzle, instead of full-on frosting. It was so good.

I took both boys to the grocery store by myself for the first time (just a quick trip). We've since done it a few more times.

So many newborn (and toddler!) snuggles, nighttime wakings, and snuggles in our bed.

We ate a lot of meals at home, especially breakfast foods, and we are definitely on a fajitas kick.

I made sourdough pizza for the first time and we loved it. Best homemade pizza I've ever made, and it's so easy, since all you use is fed discard and oil and seasonings.

I knit a few stitches, here and there on Nicholas' sweater and a pair of socks.

And we are getting to know Finn more and more each day! He is such a smiley, content baby. He was born with a good amount of brown-ish hair, but now it's growing in white-blonde, like his brother. So far, he's pretty easy-going, and it's so fun as he's gradually been more alert to see his wide-open mouth smiles and hear his coos. Oh, how I love him.

In our adjustment to a family of four, there have been some challenging moments and yet, many beautiful moments. As I wrote on my instagram on Mother's day, "I often feel unprepared for how sanctifying and beautiful motherhood is. The exhaustion and the joy." We love our boys. Thank you, God, for this little family of our's.

P.S. There are some other fun things we've been up to that I will share, including a beach trip and visiting the Tulip festival, but I'll leave them for another post, since this one is already to photo-heavy. :)


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