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An early May beach day

Several days ago, a friend texted a few of us, asking if we'd be up for a (Lake Michigan) beach day. The weather forecast showed warm—actually hot—temperatures and sun, and it was Nicholas' first day back in his office, so we said yes!

The drive is one I always enjoy. Trees and more and more sand dunes as you head north toward the Lake. We arrived early, before 9AM, since this particular beach has minimal parking, seeing as it's the shortest walk to the sand. The kids were immediately busy playing in the sand, finding rocks, wading in the (very cold) water, and pausing for snacks.

I nursed Finn off and on, snacked, and took a very brief dip underwater, seeing as it was only 41 degrees. And I actually had moments to chat with my other mama friends while the kids entertained themselves. And the kids also paused to all greet and get a closer look at a sleeping Finn.

We got sand everywhere, because of course that happens at the beach. And we came home, sweaty and sandy and tired and happy, our excitement for more beach days ahead growing.

Couldn't have asked for a sweeter first beach day for Finn. Made me reminiscent for Cooper's first beach day when he was eight weeks old. So sweet to share the Lake with my babies. It was a lovely morning!


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