Kerti sweater, finished

Just in time for summery temperatures this week, I've finished a sweater in a dreamy, lightweight wool. I've set a new personal record for sweater knitting, start-to-finish with this one.

I notice that I more frequently stall on garment knitting projects, particularly when there's a decision to be made about the length or the fit. Even after swatching, I usually doubt the fit, or the tension, etc. But this time, I pushed through a lot of those decisions, since I was determined that this sweater didn't languish on the needles. And I'm so thrilled with the finished knit!

It's the lightest pullover I've ever knit, and should be a great three-season sweater. The colors are warm and neutral, without being boring (I think!) and thanks to Nicholas for his suggestion of adding the pale yellow. I've yet to wear this sweater a great deal, so I can't speak to wear, but the yarn– Purl Soho Good Wool–was a delight to knit with and blocked to be so soft and airy.

My sister-in-law took some photos of me wearing it before we went on a hike with the boys the other day (thank you, Katelyn!). As excited as I am to see green on the trees soon, the backdrop of mostly bare trees was fitting, color-wise.


For more details, see my Ravelry project page.

Yarn: Purl Soho Good Wool that was mostly part of a birthday gift from my family last year. I did order a skein of the yellow since I needed a higher contrast color for my third color. I only used 2.5 skeins of the main color (walking stick) and a very small amount of the contrast colors (driftwood grey and lemon meringue). I would wholeheartedly recommend this yarn, and note that it often goes on sale, which makes it fairly affordable!

Size: 3 (42.25"), but I knit this at a slightly denser gauge, since this yarn is a very lightweight sport, and I didn't want too loose of a fabric. Knit the size 3, but the finished sweater is closer in size to a size 2.

Pattern: Kerti by Orlane Succh

Needles: US 6 for stockinette body, sleeves, neck ribbing, and hem, US 7 for colorwork, US 5 for sleeve cuffs.

Specifics/modifications: I knit at a modified gauge, and I opted to use my main color for for the cuffs. Added length to body and sleeves.

Overall, I loved this project! The colorwork was satisfying, the yarn so pleasant to work with, and I loved the plain (and relatively fast) stockinette stitch of the body and sleeves.

Honestly, I might just have to knit another one in different colors sometime! But in the meanwhile, I cast on a pair of spring-colored socks to add a little more color to my knitting bag.

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