I've been (Christmas 2017 edition)

Because someday, maybe next year at this time, I might wonder what I was up to.

I've been watching A Christmas Story, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and Elf, and I plan to watch The Family Stone tonight, since I was cancelled from work for low census.

I've been knitting on Nicholas' Christmas hat, and I'm decreasing for the crown today. I hope to have it finished by this evening!

I've been dreaming of sweater knitting and finishing my Christmasy socks.

I've been baking a lot.  Another 11pm baking bug resulted in a gf chocolate cake (we skipped the icing and just sprinkled some powdered sugar). Yesterday, I made cookies for a dessert swap at work tomorrow. And last week I had a cookie bake/gift exchange with two fo my dearest friends.

I've been treating us to cinnamon rolls from a can. Just once. ;)

I've been snuggling our friends' sweet newborn.

I've been eating chicken crockpot tacos and smoky chicken chili and gluten-free papa john's pizza (they have a new crust and it's really good)

I've been humming Christmas songs all day, every day when I'm home.

I've been wearing a set of new qalo rings that I ordered to replace the one I lost, since I'd rather wear something less intricate to work. I've been wrapping myself up in sweaters and vests and scarves (I keep reaching for the red brioche scarf), because the weather is seasonally appropriate(!) and every morning, I put on the prettiest earrings I found in my stocking from Nicholas.

I've been diffusing Christmas Spirit, and a blend of (orange + eucalyptus) or (orange + cloves).

I've been reading our advent study out loud to Nicholas, and reading a light-hearted Christmas fiction book on the side.

I've been curling up in the red chair by the tree, first thing in the morning, before or right after I make coffee.

I've been encouraged by Colossians, in that Christ is my everything, and He is certainly a sure foundation.

I've been praying verses over people I love, whether this season is a hard one, or a good one.

I've been holding my husband's hand at the movie theater, while we watch the new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi.

I've been going to a sweet friend and coworker's going away party (I'll miss you dearly, Marianne, but I'm so excited for what's next for your family!)

I've been toting my new Fringe Supply Co field bag (thank you, Molly!!) around with me, to the movie theater, to the couch, in the car.

I've been curling up with quilts, and usually Nicholas, on the couch.

I've been feeling like the days are full, but not busy. Like my heart is expectant, but also joyful. Like I can rest assured that He is good and He is moving.

Oh come, oh come Emmanuel.

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