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Finished knitting projects, fall 2016

Over the past few months, I've completed a few knitting projects, and recently, my friend Molly graciously took some non-iPhone photos of them. If you're not a knitter, it may seem vain or silly to take photos of finished knitting projects, but after spending hours planning and making something knitted, this feels like the "celebration" part. It's the moment when you experience some mixture of this is finally finished and I love knitting! before the final joy of getting to wear the finished project on regular occasion, or give it to someone who will. And don't worry, after that brief creativity lull, I'm 100% back into knitting again.

Sydänmaa mittens

I knit these mittens for Nicholas' grandma. They were simple but not boring, portable, and a good way to reintroduce myself to magic loop knitting. I like the classic styling and the increases for the thumbs, especially. And I'll always think of them as my Mt. Assiniboine knitting project, which is pretty neat (you can see them in-progress in this post). For more notes/specifics/photos, see my Ravelry page.

Cabin on the Knik shawl

I wrote about this shawl just a tiny bit in this post. But it was thoroughly enjoyable to knit, for reasons both yarn- and pattern-related. It's incredibly wearable, and I love neutrals, in general. But I especially love this grey because there's a warm depth to it. I love to wear it around the house, draped over my shoulders, and I'll happily wear it out-of-doors once it's cool enough to do so! As a side note, the pattern is written cleverly to make the most of your yarn. For more notes/specifics/photos, you can visit my Ravelry page.

P.S.—I toyed around with writing a "fall favorites" blog post, but didn't get too far. But I will say this: for those of you with a Trader Joe's close by, please try Trader Joe's apple cider, warmed on the stove. We drink it in the afternoon, or as a night cap before bed, and it's the best.


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