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Creativity check: Summer 2016

It's been awhile since I've catalogued my creative plans and works-in-progress. Personally, I find it helpful for me to see it all laid out together, so I can plan and prioritize in a more thoughtful way. After all, I don't want to make things, just for the sake of making them. I'm process- and product-oriented in my making.


Cabin on the Knik shawl: just finished

Such a fun, fast, and (might I add), addicting knit. And it's so wearable! Here's a link to the pattern.

Nick cowl (for the second time): in progress

I  adore this yarn my mom gave me for my birthday last year, and I knit it up into a lacy cowl. But it was much too visually busy, and I disliked it. Life's too short to knit things that are ugly or not well-suited to the materials. So, I cast on a tried-and-true, incredibly wearable pattern, the Nick cowl, with modifications for a worsted weight yarn. I love it so far! And it's flying off the needles at a slightly heavier weight.

Bayard hat: just started

My friend Molly gave me some Brooklyn Tweed yarn(!) awhile back. For those unaware of different types of yarn, "wool yarn" is an incredibly general term. It varies hugely based on breed of sheep, length of fiber, manner of processing (woolen spun or otherwise), and type of dye. This is a very lightweight yarn with an entirely different feel that anything I've knit with before. I think this will be a fun little project, knit on needles the size of toothpicks. And I love the subtle slouch of the finished hat.

A shawl for my grandma: almost started

It will be a fun, bright knit to break up all the neutral knitting I've done lately.

Looking forward: not yet started

I'm excited to start a larger, garment project (rather than another accessory). I'm thinking maybe a cardigan? I love the look of Sticks and Steel, Big Sister, or Woodfords, or alternatively, the big and cozy Barn Sweater (especially that green version). I still have some planning and dreaming to do before I even think about getting started. We'll see!

And otherwise

A heating pad: just finished

I picked up some cozy plaid flannel a few days back and we made a larger version, filled with uncooked rice and peppermint oil. Assembly was simple: a long rectangle, folded in half, seamed on three sides, edges zig-zagged, filled in sections with seams in between. Microwave for 60 to 90 seconds, and cuddle up. Per my mom's recommendation, I'm going to sew a little washable cover for it.

Our podcast: in progress

We recorded episode three awhile back and just got around to editing it and taking notes today, over coffee and knitting. Look for (and listen to!) it soon :)

What are you working on?


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