Fall things

It doesn't feel like fall here in Austin yet, but I enjoy welcoming the season into our home, bit by bit, knowing the temperature will follow suit eventually.

Here are some of my favorite "fall-ish" things right now:

current favorite oil blends in the diffuser:

  • orange and eucalyptus
  • eucalyptus and peppermint
  • orange and clove

vanilla + sandlewood soy candles

homemade granola—I made my favorite recipe, just with cashews added and without the flaxseed or puffed rice since I didn't have it on hand

current favorite supper: broiled grass-fed beef burger + munster cheese over a bed of lettuce + sweet potato fries on the side

little pumpkins, scattered around the apartment. I'm avoiding the fall decor sections of stores, since I'm prone to impulse buy seasonal decorations. I'm sticking with fun, seasonal ones that we won't have to store. :)

admiring your friend's adorable home and fall decor

eucalyptus in a big, glass jar

wearing a diffuser necklace from this shop

rearranging the pillows/blankets in the living room

wearing a birthday (gift) flannel from Nicholas, a day early

Sock knitting (it's the comfort food of knitting). That might be too many mixed metaphors, but I still think it's an apt description.

stovetop-warmed apple cider with a dash of cinnamon

chocolate-covered cocoa nibs

How are you enjoying fall? :)

P.S.— this is also a season where I take occasional pictures with my "real" camera, but mostly I'm embracing grainy, low-light iPhone pictures.

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