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Easter scenes & sights & sounds

We had a quiet Easter this year—slowly ushering in the day that gives us so much hope—the day when death was defeated, once and for all. Jesus cannot be held down in the grave. And what hope springs from that truth!

Nicholas and I had the full long weekend together without too many concrete plans. But he and I are doers, so we kept busy and the days filled up. We attended the sunrise service at our church. I wore my new romper and a cardigan and we took a picture with the Youngs, just because. And then, for the rest of weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) were filled with:


Quilting. Arranging, pressing, cutting, seaming, etc. This quilting business sure is methodical, which I love. It's time consuming in a different way than knitting is. But either way, I'm enjoying it immensely. And the way these fabrics are working up together makes me really, really happy.

Knitting. I'm close to finishing the sencilla cowl. And I'm still ticking away on the May cardigan. One is mindless and one requires a bit more thought, so it's a perfect project pairing for me.

In the kitchen

I made simple, yummy-to-us meals, including chicken tacos, fish, roasted veggies, casserole, and brownies. And we drank afternoon coffee, and lime and grapefruit la croix.

Casserole-making. This time, baked french toast and baked potato + ham + pepperjack egg casserole. I prepared them on Saturday night, left them in the fridge covered, and then popped them in the oven when we got home from church. Bonus: great leftovers for quick before-work breakfasts.

For relaxing

Sneaking in (very) short yoga sequences a few times during the week. I successfully completed the 30 days of yoga challenge and loved nearly every minute of it. But ever since, I'm just not exercising and there's no way to sugarcoat that. So I'm trying to ease (get it?) back into yoga, and if that takes 15-20 minute videos at first to remind me how much I love it, so be it.

Watching Doctor Thorne, made by the creator of Downtown Abbey

Foot-baths with epsom salts and essential oils. We like to do these nearly every day because self-care truly is rewarding.

Quality time

Watching him play Zelda from the couch, and unrelated: napping on the couch

Planning with Nicholas. Every husband and wife team should have a little life planning session sometimes, right?

Early Saturday morning coffee with friends (we like to get there right when the coffee shop opens)


Planning meals and hikes for our little getaway happening this weekend!

Clearing photos off my phone. Why is this so hard, even when I know that they're all backed up on our laptop? But there are few things I despise more than the "Storage Full" alert on my phone, so it's time well spent.


And odd things I'm really into right now: showering in the afternoon. I'm typically a night shower-er, but if I shower right before dinner, it feels like I created a bunch of bonus time(?!) Also, parsley-scented Mrs. Meyer's hand soap smells incredible. And not odd, but wonderful: I finished reading and journaling my way through Romans, so now I have to decide what to read next.

Wishing you a hopeful and joyful week!


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