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Early summering

We've settled into a sweet spot with summer. Nicholas will be working more from home now, except for Tuesdays when he has meetings at the office. It's an adjustment, seeing as we have a one-bedroom apartment, and my days off were previously really quiet. But our time together has been so sweet! For the last two weeks, I've driven downtown with him on Tuesdays, and done a few fun errands, gone for a run down by the lake, and picked up an iced mocha for him and an iced chai for me.

My other favorite early-summery things:

The smell of sunscreen

My hair in a messy bun

Biking to the community pool on Saturday afternoons

Getting local, cold-pressed, raw, organic juice (all the buzzwords, I know) as an occasional treat and admiring the decor every time (psst, local friends: this is Juice Society on South Lamar)

Button shopping for my finally completed Anna Vest (I'll write a post about that soon!)

New knitting projects with pretty grey Madeline Tosh DK

Cran-raspberry LaCroix

Or, our favorite summery mocktail: a 1:1 ratio of lemon, lime, or pure LaCroix (It's like a mimosa!)

Roasting grass-fed beef hotdogs in the broiled for a quick supper

Warm brownies and vanilla ice cream

(Sweet) potato chips

Coffee and breakfast food at a little local cafe

Watching Friday Night Lights with Nicholas—it was filmed in our town and it's so fun to see the North Austin metro in the context of a show

Soy candles, in lemon & olive leaf and blood orange & thyme

Pizza night with friends

I love that summer inherently has a slower pace, and I'm trying to enjoy that with a good dose of rest and sunshine.


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