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Creativity check, early March 2020

Every month or two, I do a little creative check-in, detailing current projects, whether finished, in-progress, or upcoming. Somehow, it marries the type A part of my brain and the creative side. And it makes me excited about materials I already own and provides some direction as I anticipate new projects.

(Nearly) Finished

I'm so close to finishing my Tundra Jumper. I bound off the neckline and grafted the underarms, I just need to weave in some ends and block it. At that point, it will technically be finished, but I'm not quite finished with it. The length of the body is bothersome to me, and a little awkward. However, I have plans to remedy that by removing four-ish inches and grafting the hem portion to the yoke. I first saw this on an episode 33 of Fruity Knitting. It made me feel more at ease with bottom-up construction, in that I knew, if need be, I could alter the length to suit me. I think it's visually more balanced and for me, the cropped silhouette will be one I reach for more. Once I've done this, I'll take some photos and write more about this project. It's been a fun one!

On a related note, in my last creative post from February, I mentioned some fit issues with a hat I gave Nicholas for Christmas. It was far too long, and knit bottom up, so ripped out 1-2 inches (I can't remember an exact amount) and then picked up stitches and reknit the brim as I bound off. And now it fits perfectly.


  • Garter snake cowl — still working on this. I haven't picked it up as much recently, as I've been wanting to finish a more winter-specific project (the Tundra jumper). I love the yarns and the rhythm, but it does require frequent reference to the pattern.
  • Vanilla socks for Nicholas — I'm following my tried-and-true recipe for him. The self-striping yarn is fun too. The first sock is done, and the second is cast on.
  • A peach Tread hat for Katelyn — I knit a green version for her Christmas 2016 which fits her nicely, and she asked for another version for her birthday this month! I love re-knitting patterns, so this is a treat. This pink yarn is such a spring-y, beautiful color.


  • Atmen shawl in Icelandic/Faroe island wool — already have yarn for this that my brother gave me, using the Navia yarn
  • Another Graham hat, since I wear the first one constantly, and I received the same yarn in a beautiful beige for Christmas
  • A pair of Cyril socks for me. I've been wearing my original pair quite a lot, and I love the fit.
  • Self-striping socks for me. I have a few skeins in my stash ear-marked, just waiting for the right moment to cast them on, but I'm thinking of using either a special skein of Nomadic Yarns or Bergere de France Goomy 50.
  • A simple fingering-weight Skovbær shawl, yarn TBD, following the pattern in this video (pattern only available in this format, not as a written pattern). What a fun project for warmer days!


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