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A mantra for hard weeks + my early March favorites

Last week was one for the books, not in a great way. The general recap is this: Cooper had a cold, I had a sore throat/chills/fever/headache//flu-like symptoms, Nicholas was in a car accident that left him unharmed, but totaled one of our cars, and a few other things (jury duty that ended up being cancelled, appointments, etc.)

It all felt a bit much. I'm usually pretty active on my instagram, even if I don't have a chance to write a blog post, and the other day, I wrote this on my profile:

This week felt difficult for a myriad of reasons. Nicholas was in a car accident (he's okay! The car is not), Coop has a cold, and a few other things are weighing heavy on my heart and mind. I read this timely bit, from Jonathon Parnell's "Reading to Walk": "So how will you face it? What follows are three prayers for facing Monday—or any less-than-enthusiastic tomorrow: 1. Give me brazen trust in your greatness and your goodness. [...] 2. Give me a humble heart towards the people I encounter. [...] 3. Give me the deep joy that because of Jesus, the best is always yet to come." ❤️ This ^^ and a comfy (bright for me!) sweatshirt, earl grey, baby giggles, and a husband who is SAFE and who stayed home to recover, deal with car stuff, and give us hugs are #thegoodlist .

Brazen trust, a humble heart, and deep joy. It's a mantra perfect for hard weeks. Since then (Thursday), I started to feel much worse, and now much better. We spent a little time with family over the weekend, and a lot of time relaxing at home.

But now, it's a new week, and since Cooper and I are both on the mend, with Nicholas emerging healthy (phew), I thought I'd share a few little favorite things, as of late.

Cold brew coffee at home, made in this bottle from Food52. We knew it was good because my SIL has it and made amazing cold brew for us in hers multiple times. Nicholas bought it as a Valentine's Day gift for us! I've been using pre-ground decaf coffee because I'm lazy, and because we like to drink it in the evenings. Our favorite way to drink it is served over ice with whole milk (it's also very good with almond milk).

Sweater yoke knitting. I am so close to finishing my Tundra Jumper. I know it will fit me, but exactly how it will fit is yet to be determined, since I can't really try it on as I knit. There are several three-colors-at-a-time rows that are slow going, but I love how it is looking so far, and the advantage to bottom-up construction is that it saves the most-fun for last.

Wearing handknit socks that I've amassed over the last few years. They are so comfortable and feel like a little self-care treat. Nicholas loves his pairs too, so it was an easy decision to start another pair for him.

A bright blue hoodie. I don't usually wear super bright colors, since I lean more to the subdued. But this hoodie is so cozy and I like the pop of color with all my other neutral clothes.

Snow on trees.

Walks on warmer days. I love winter, but with the birds singing, the sun warming, the snow melting, and kids playing basketball at the park near our home, I'm feeling so excited for spring and a lot more time outside with Cooper and as a family.

Mixing up breakfast with a new-to-me combination of oatmeal + banana slices + ground flaxseed + PB + dairy-free chocolate chips

Cooper's excitement for new foods. It's so fun to see him puzzle out new textures and tastes. And it's adorable how he lowers his hands so my SIL's puppy can lick the banana off of them.

The new album from Ellie Limebear, Lost in Wonder.

Pink sunsets that feel like promises.

A new concealer. I've been out and using some cream foundation, but that's gone now too. I love this one so far!

The whole new world of pushing Cooper in a shopping cart! He's big enough and old enough to sit up in a cart now and he loves it. Kicking his legs and smiling at anyone who says hello or smiles. I love the freedom of being able to shop without a carrier sometimes. Win-win.

Daily use of handmade quilts from Grandma (my mom). Cooper is moving around more, rolling and bunch and flopping to his belly, scooting in circles, etc. I love having a soft, snuggly surface for him to play on. And I can't wait to wrap up in these and watch movies with him when he's a little older.

Seeing my boys together. After church, at my in-laws, giggles and snuggles and games. I love them.

Trying out take-out pizza from a few places (one chain and one local). A downtown trip to get take-out pizza at dusk was so nice! And pizza is fun (of course).

Cooper. Just the little joy that he is in all that he does.


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