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Creativity check and finished projects, mid-fall 2019

It's been awhile since my last creativity check-in. I like to keep a log of what I'm working on, what I've finished, and what I'd like to make next, knitting- and sometimes sewing-wise. This time around, I haven't done any sewing, but there's nothing like proper fall weather to make me want to knit so many things. I have a stash of beautiful yarns eager to be knit up, and now there's a squishy baby in my life that needs a few more cold-weather clothing items, so there's even more motivation for me to knit. I don't have loads of knitting time, but a few stitches here and there, after a baby's bedtime, or on car rides, add up.

I'm pleased that I've finished all the projects that were in-progress in my last post, specifically grey marled socks, a tecumseh sweater, and my vertices unite shawl.

Finished classic cuffed hat

Just as the weather turned (temps in the 40's-60's most days), I knew Cooper needed a warmer hat. There's something so satisfying about a small project, knit up in leftover yarn. The FO is a bit big on Cooper, by design, and it should fit him all winter. As he grows, the hat can be cuffed to a lesser degree, or not at all. As my mom pointed out, the copper color offsets his bright blue eyes so well. He's worn it to church and out on a couple of walks so far. And seeing my own child in handknits makes me want to knit about five more hats for him. At least for now, he has one cozy hat.


For more details, see my ravelry project page

Yarn: Hey Sister Yarn Co snuggle worsted in "Drizzle" (they've since stopped dyeing yarn), used leftovers from my recently finished Quadri hat

Size: Baby

Pattern: Classic cuffed hat by Purl Soho (it's a free pattern!)

Needles: US 6 for the tubular cast on, US 4 for the ribbed brim, US 6 for the body of the hat, and US 5 dpns for the crown shaping (I can't find my US 6 dpns ;)

Specifics/modifications: Mostly related to needle size, see above. Otherwise knit per pattern.


  • Mavis cardigan— I planned to make this way back in July, but hadn't yet ordered the yarn. I'm knitting it for Cooper in the 6-9 month size, so I have time to finish it before it will fit him. This is a pattern I've knit before, so the construction is familiar and the "at the same time" instructions more memorable to me this time. I have a tiny bit left of the body, and then I just need to knit the neckline, sleeves, and do a little finishing work.
  • Socks for Katelyn — A couple of months ago, my sister-in-law came with me to our local yarn shop. I bought some yarn for another gift project, but then she saw this yarn and asked me to knit her socks (how can I say no to that)? The first sock is done, as of today, and I'm knitting the ribbing on the second.* I'm knitting a vanilla sock with the German short row heel and mini heel flap adjustment from the Yorkville socks pattern, since that sock recipe fits her foot.


A lot of my knitting this time of year is secret, or at least somewhat opaque, since it involves Christmas gifts. But as of now, I have a few gift hats to knit, and a few pairs of socks. I would also like to knit some socks for Cooper, since he already outgrew his newborn socks. Other tentative knitting plans:

  • Nurtured sweater with berroco cotolana, yarn I got at a super good sale price, as it's being discontinued.
  • Self-patterning DK-weight socks
  • A DK-weight hat (maybe Hoarfrost?) with grey DK yarn

One more thing worth mentioning: Cooper wore his little orange sweater for the first time today. It's rather big on him, since it's the six month size, but oh my goodness was he adorable and cozy in it. It's a little surreal to dress him in a sweater I knit for him when I was carrying him, before we knew anything about our little boy.

*I don't typically struggle with second sock syndrome. If anything, I enjoy the second sock more since I'm already confident in the fit and numbers of the first. Plus, I tend to knit faster as I near the completion of a project. I also have a little self-imposed rule that I always cast on the second sock immediately after doing the kitchener stitch on the first. That way, before I have a chance to set it aside, I've already made it a nice, portable, mindless work-in-progress.


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