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But still nice

We just got home from a visit to Indiana. I'll write a full post on that soon, but the long and short of it was that it was wonderful. For now, I'll say that we're having a quiet evening in, cozied up in our comfiest clothes with a cup of coffee. We're admiring the coasters my sister-in-law Katelyn sewed for our apartment (they match perfectly)! I just finished my library book and I'm about to browse through the latest stack of Christmas catalogs from our mailbox. I'm typing this on my phone, since our internet is out. It's an evening of this isn't quite our normal routine but it's still nice. I'll be back with a longer (non-phone) post on Tuesday! In the meanwhile, may we all face our Mondays with courage and hope, especially as we think of and pray for Parisians.*

*I'm still processing this; I'm sure many people are as well. However, whenever I'm faced with circumstances in which I don't know how to respond or what to think, I remind myself that praying is never an inappropriate or inactive response.


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