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Brother love

Sometimes, it's still a shock to me that we have two little boys. The transition to two has been an adjustment for us, of course. Lots of hard moments and big emotions at times, but lots of sweetness too. Here are some of my favorite photos of our boys, from the last few months.

Cooper loves to hold Finn, and hug him, and snuggle him.

And Cooper loves lying next to Finn on our activity playmat.

Most days, the three of us spend every waking moment together, and I mean that literally, since Cooper doesn't nap ;) so I won't pretend the days aren't often exhausting. But it is a gift to spend these, hours, days, months, and early years with these precious babies.

Finn is happy to observe whatever Cooper is doing, tracking him with his eyes, laughing at his antics.

He just laughs and grasps Cooper's face (and Cooper often says, "He scratched me a little bit, but that's okay," since Finn is a baby and it wasn't on purpose, of course). Cooper is eager to see Finn the moment he wakes up (or he wakes him up to see him), and it is the sweetest thing to see their love for each other.

This morning, both boys were up before six, so I started the coffee maker, and we went outside and sat on the deck. It was in the low sixties, the sun was just coming up and the moon was still out. Cooper kept saying how big the moon was. He collected little sticks to make a "bonfire," and I held Finn. These days, my hands are full, but they are full of good things. Thank you, Lord, for these little boys.


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