A summer weekend in Ohio & a visit with friends

A few weeks ago, we drove out to visit some of Nicholas' family in Ohio. It was our first "long" car ride with both boys, and the drive out was admittedly very long, especially with an infant who loathes the carseat. Nonetheless, it was very worthwhile for some time with Nicholas' grandparents and other family.

We stayed with Nicholas' cousin, Adam, and his family. They have a little boy just over a year younger than Cooper, and the boys get along so well. On the way into town, we stopped at Grandpa and Grandma's house to say "hi," and then headed to Adam and Ashley's for dinner and to try to settle some very excited little boys for bed.

Saturday morning, we woke up slow, had breakfast, and had coffee. The boys played in their large, beautiful backyard, with special excitement about the mower and shed with a toy work bench, and then we got ready to go back to Nicholas' grandparents.

It was a lovely day, sunny, and breezy and spent on the patio, snacking on food off and on, swinging on their big swing, drinking some kombucha we picked up at the store, looking through some of my mother-in-law's belongings from high school and childhood, passing Finn around, and visiting with family in the way of lots of little, meaningful conversations.

One of Nicholas' cousins, Connor, is a big fisherman, and he brought a fishing rod for Cooper! They practiced casting over and over again.

That evening, after the little boys were in bed, we talked late into the night with Adam and Ashley, and took turns snuggling a sleeping Finn.

Just before hopping in the car for the drive home. 

Sunday morning, the boys slept in a bit (we all did) and we had breakfast and visited some more. Cooper and their little boy played with cars in the driveway, and got some wiggles out before beginning the much smoother drive home. Such a sweet weekend with family.

The following Monday morning, some dear friends of ours stopped by for coffee with their little girl. We've known them since our college days. And now, their friendships is a gift alongside parenthood and cross country moves and job transitions–good and hard things.

Their little girl and Cooper played together so well, and melted our hearts several times over in the sweet way they interacted – snacking on nectarines, running upstairs, looking at books, hugging.

It is always good for my heart to see you guys, Lauren and Casey. We said, "see you later," as they drove away, until next time.

And that wrapped up a very full and very heart-filling weekend with family and friends who are like family.

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