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And just like that

This year, we spent Thanksgiving with our friends, Fleetwood and Molly. Although I've written about the difficulties of living far away from those we love, celebrating a holiday that emphasizes gratitude with our Austin friends also seems fitting. Similarly, I talked to my mom about the family's plans for Thanksgiving—my brother, parents, and both grandmas, and this year, everyone on my side of the family spent the day with neighbors. I love that! Rather than draw inward to our own homes as the weather cools, there's a sense of gathering together in warm places. We did just that yesterday.

When we arrived to their home in the afternoon, the boys talked while we put the finishing touches on the food (and honestly, took a lot of pictures of the food). We prayed, ate, and the four of us watched bits of The Office as we snacked on doughnuts and homemade pie with evening coffee. Molly and I did a little knitting. Comfortable is the best word to describe yesterday. It was a happy Thanksgiving, filled with yummy food and wonderful company.

And today, just like that, we've shifted into a cozy, Christmas-is-a-few-weeks-away comfort. Every year, I'm caught off-guard by how quickly the season slides over into the next overnight. I just put the last few finishing touches of Christmas decorations up, a cinnamon soy candle is burning, and I made stovetop peppermint hot cocoa. In general, we're surrounding ourselves with as much coziness as we can. I'm hoping that this is a season of slowing-down, resting, and enjoying good company. And right now, I'm thrilled because I managed to sneak twinkle lights into almost every room of our home.

P.S.—Lately, my go-to soundtrack for staying in is comprised of these three (really great) new albums:

  • Dear Wormwood, by The Oh Hellos
  • Purpose (Deluxe), by Justin Bieber (yes, actually!)
  • The Wireless, by Punch Brothers

What are your favorite parts of this transitioning season of coziness?


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