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A winter visit

My parents flew in from Minnesota for a visit this past weekend. As I wrote about before, Nicholas and I were sick for part of their visit, but we still managed to have a lovely time, and so far, my parents seem to have emerged untouched by the whatever flu-like crud we had.

Nicholas and I picked them up from the airport on Saturday evening, and we stopped by Torchy's (my family's favorite) for some tacos. Then we headed north to where my parents were staying so they could check in, and then stopped by our home for a bit before heading to bed.

On Sunday, Nicholas was really sick, so he stayed in bed. I picked up my parents, dropped them off at our church, and then since I was still coughing too much to sit through a service, I bought some cold and flu medicine for Nicholas, and drank some tea before picking them up from church again.

After church, Nicholas was feeling a little better, so the four of us headed to the Meuller Farmer's market, for tamales (for me and Nicholas), and pierogis (for my parents). We had made-to-order Stroopwafels, plus we bought some local, grass-fed meat for our freezer. When we got home from the market, I prepped dinner with my mom, which was this amazing paleo mexican beef that slow cooks, and then all four of us took lengthy naps.

After nap time, we had Topo Chico with our dinner, and then my parents showed us pictures from their recent trip to Israel, which was incredibly interesting. I have a hard time conceptualizing carved artifacts that are 3,000 years old. So cool!

The next day (Monday), Nicholas stayed home again, while we headed to Hill Country for some hiking. We visited Balcones Canyonlands Wildlife preserve for vistas and very strong breezes, and it was so nice just to hike and talk and not feel rushed.

We stopped for burgers on the way back into town, and then got coffee and did a little shopping. We were full from a really big lunch, so we made smoothies for dinner and called it an early night.

On Tuesday, we had most of a free before my parents evening flight out. It was a rainy day, but parents and I went downtown for the best croissants ever, and then a little walking tour. We ate at a favorite little neopolitan pizza place for lunch, and then drove around by Zilker Park for a bit to see one of my favorite views of the Austin skyline.

Our last Austin treat was a stop at Vintage Heart Coffee, which I frequent once or twice a week, for cardamom lattes. (they're just so dang good).

Other favorite parts of the visit:

  • Reminiscing about my childhood in Minnesota: steam engine shows and agate festivals in Northern Minnesota, eating occasional hostess treats, and watching PBS shows as a kid
  • watching a lot of Bob Ross
  • My mom mended a frayed part of one of our quilts
  • Making dinner with my mom
  • hearing my dad recount countless fascinating facts about their trip as we saw pictures
  • seeing dozens of vintage singer sewing machines in a shop window
  • light breakfasts and coffee at home
  • walking around a rainy downtown
  • stopping for cardamom lattes from my favorite coffee shop, surprising my parents that I'm "a regular" ;)
  • watching the olympics together before heading to the airport

We're so glad you came, mom and dad! It was mostly rainy and foggy the entire time, but I'm still glad that we managed to see some of Austin. Next time, Nicholas and l will try to make sure we're healthy. :)


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