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A bit unexpected

For some reason, I thought we were going to make it through flu season unscathed.

It's been a little while since I've written, due to so many things. Namely, Nicholas and I both got the flu. I started feeling terrible on Wednesday, and by today, I'm feeling mostly recovered. He woke up really sick on Sunday, and is still feeling poorly.

While I was sick, my parents were preparing to fly down to visit us for a long weekend. And right before they flew out of MN, we had to say goodbye to my parent's dog (and my dog, for the last 11+ years), Hazel. She was such a sweetheart, eager to eat your food if you happened to drop it and eager to make the sweetest happy woof woof woof when someone she loved came to the front door. She cuddled with me, and she was the dog that turned my entire family into dog people. I'll miss her sweet little face.

So life's been weird, ya know? The sickness haze for me, and then missing Hazel, and then my parents arriving, and then the sickness haze with Nicholas. Routine has been a stranger. So I'll focus on the little things that felt almost-normal during the last week and a half or so, apart from my parents' visit. That was wonderful, but that deserves its own post.

It was foggy for a few consecutive days, so that made resting, napping, and staying in more manageable for me.

Valentine's Day was the first day I started to feel sick, so I made us our usual breakfast of PB oatmeal, but I shaped it into hearts and I wrote him a valentine. He worked from home and took care of me, bringing me water and the quilt to wrap me up in. And then in the evening, I think we watched The Office.

I didn't get properly dressed or apply any makeup for over four days. On one of the days, I managed a short walk at our neighborhood park, just to pray and breathe fresh air.

I finished reading my library book and returned it to the library.

I did knit quite a bit, between naps, because I was less overwhelmed with all the flu symptoms if I kept my hands occupied. I managed to finish the pink hat I was knitting and start my sweater/poncho.

I spent a few hours sitting on our porch, wrapped up in a fuzzy cardigan, reading and feeling my way through Hinds Feet in High Places. What a timely read.

I'm so glad to be back to feeling like myself, and we're praying for a speedy(ish) recovery for Nicholas too! That said, I'm so glad my parents could come down and see us, even sick, half-versions of us. ;)

Stay tuned for more on their visit, and for more regular posting again!


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