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Tuesday love, lately

I don't have a lot of words for today, but it's a still a good day! Rather than in paragraph form, I wrote a list of what I've been up to:

  1. A walk at the park on Memorial day with Nicholas.
  2. A smoothie date after the walk. This time, we got an orange + peach + mango smoothie to share.
  3. Making Memorial Day pancakes; taking turns flipping
  4. Sewing quilt squares into columns. 10/16 columns done, and I'm on a roll again.
  5. Our Tuesday routine: Coffee shop knitting while he's at a work meeting. It's iced latte season (but it usually is, here in Austin).
  6. Phone calls with my mom, and friends I haven't talked to in far too long.
  7. Watching knitting vlogs
  8. Swapping out our table runner for placemats and fabric napkins.
  9. Admiring Texas clouds (they're just so pretty).
  10. Missing family. Holidays are really hard.
  11. Watching Michael Scott's last episode of The Office and tearing up, as always.
  12. Using Boy Brow from Glossier to keep my wayward eyebrow in check (yes, just the right eyebrow)
  13. Wearing sunscreen every day (I determined to make this habit stick!)
  14. Knitting on a deep red, textured, cozy, scarf.
  15. Realizing that sometimes, progress forward looks like standing still.
  16. Baking mini pecan pies aka pecan tassies.* I added cardamom, like I usually do.
  17. Wearing a romper out to coffee, for napping, for baking, etc. It's comfy, people.
  18. Praying for a flexible, gracious heart. For patience + contentment + boldness + increased trust that He is faithful.
  19. Smoky Chicken Chili in the crockpot for dinner
  20. *A sink full of dishes I really should go wash ;)
  21. Listening to the new Tom Rosenthal album, Fenn on YouTube
  22. Letting Kari Jobe's new album be my anthem as I make dinner and keep busy in the kitchen and in the midst of life, worship my Creator.


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