'Tis the season for moisturizing

Winter is coming, and along with it, dry skin and the subsequent need for a reliable and effective moisturizing routine. Almost as soon as the temperature starts to drop, I notice that my skin requires a lot more TLC, especially my hands. Since I really enjoy routines, I thought I'd write out my "moisturizing routine," if you want to call it that.

Right after I get out of the shower:

Acure Eye Cream — just a dab around both eyes after I wash my face. It's a more concentrated formula for the fragile skin around the eyes. A little goes a (very) long way.

Everyone 3-in-1 Coconut and Lemon lotion — for an overall daily body moisturizer. It smells so good, absorbs quickly, and personally, I like the pump version because it makes the whole routine just a bit easier. I really notice a difference when I moisturize every day (instead of once a month, or whenever I remembered).

Acure day cream [face moisturizer] — I don't use this everyday, but if I wake up in the morning and my face feels dry, I apply a thin layer under makeup, or by itself. Note: this doesn't provide UV protection.

And then, right before bed, I apply:

Badger highland mint lip balm — or whichever lip balm is closest. But I really enjoy this one, in texture, scent, and longevity.

Big Cloud Good Shake Hand Cream — I already subscribe to every-other-month shipments of razors via Dollar Shave Club, and I ordered this on a whim and loved it. It's a nice scent for Nicholas or me and it dries super fast (very handy if I'm anxious to get back to my knitting).

This hand cream is another favorite, especially in the depths of winter

Rocky Mountain Soap Co foot butter — I bought this on our Canada trip and it's the best. I apply it and then slip on a pair of wool socks.

Here's to moisturized and much happier skin!

**This is not a sponsored post, I genuinely enjoy these products and wanted to share :)

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